Saturday, June 7, 2014

06072014 Saturday WOD

Happy Saturday!

The morning started cloudy but the 10AM class rocked. We had a nice FULL class and just not full of bodies. We had a united front of members all on the same page. I swear class gets so much better when the energy is positive.  This morning was one of those workouts. We had about 15 people and again, everyone that was there was there to work and support.  We were buzzing.

I really needed it. If you read my last post from Tuesday, I was not feeling it. My left shoulder was and is still bugging me and I was burnt out. I just had no energy. I was bleh.

This morning changed everything and I got a recharge a boost. A nice big boost.

400m Run

Medicine Ball Musical Chairs
crabwalk, duck walk, bear crawl
7 x burpee penalty for getting booted out
I was number 5 out of the class not too bad...

Front Squats
empty bar x 20
65# x 15
75# x 10, 15
65# x 20


Wall Balls @ 16#

Burpee Box Jump Overs
w/ partner
we finished in 14:20
I was soooooo happy to go under 15 minutes.

Something I need to remind myself....

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