Tuesday, June 3, 2014

06032014 Tuesday WOD

OK...tonight was not a great night. I went in with great intentions. I wanted to workout, get a good sweat and maybe warm up and work my shoulder.  My left shoulder has been bugging me since Sunday after that overhead workout. So basically I had a low level crappy workout.

400m Run

Max Squat Clean
*yes I DO NOT have a front rack therefore movements that REQUIRE a front rack I am really bad at.  Add to that my mobility at the bottom of the squat is not great. I can hit below parallel but I need lots of warm up and lots of stretching.  But I am able to do it after some warm up.  This movement is just something I need to practice. I need to work on my front rack...over and over and over.  Only thing worst are THRUSTERS..because it combines every movement I am bad at.

30 x HSPU
*I did it on a box
40 x Pull Up
*I did it on a box
50 x KBS
*@ 44#s
60 x Sit Ups
70 x Burppee

20 min cap = DNF
completed 43 burpees

I am not making an excuse...but my shoulder affected my burpee for sure.
I was just not feeling it today.  On a scale of 1-10 I felt like a 4.

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