Sunday, May 4, 2014

05042014 Star Wars Day Open Box

I have to say today was a great day in the box. It was Open Box so people could come in and do whatever they need or wanted.  Everyone that came definitely was there to work on their techniques and we had some PRs too.  Here is what I did...


Warm Up
65# x 10 (2)
95# x 10
115# x 10

Pause Squats
*more practice sitting in the bottom of the squat. Hold for 2 sec.
8 x 2
**I have to say the 135 felt really light. I think this accessory work is helping me. I think the next time I will go up to 155# or 165#.  Also sitting at the bottom was even a little more comfortable. I am going to keep at it...I really felt good today.

Behind the Neck Snatch Balance + Overhead Squat

7 x 3
Empty Bar - 65# (3) - 75# - 95#
*This was a great complex, pretty much whole body.  Again, I felt great towards the end.  When I got to 95# the bottom of my OHS felt great and my snatch was OK. I felt SLOW on the snatch but the point was to get to the bottom and work on my mobility.  Shoulders, hips, ankles etc.  I will keep working on it.


Failed 365#
Completed 345#

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