Saturday, April 19, 2014

04192014 Easter Weekend Beast Day

Today is one for the book. I worked out and then some.  What a great Saturday!  This is also the 3rd consecutive day I have worked out too.  Since Thursday I have went all 3 days.  I knew Easter Sunday the gym would be closed so I wanted to make today count.  Here is how it all went down:

8:00AM  - 9:00AM
INDO ROW is supposed to be a 45 min class but we went the full hour I had to ask the instructor some questions...I needed some tips and tricks. (wink wink)

10:00AM - 11:00AM
HPCF - Crossfit WOD
Today was brutal...lots and lots of BW movements.

400m Run


800m Run with 20# med ball
*I know that is a pathetic time.
As RX was actually 2 x 400m run with a 1 min rest.  But since I am so bad at running I just kept going. Trust...I get my 1 min rest for sure.  I was still the last one in even without the "1 min break."

25 x Burpees
90 x Air Squats
80 x Sit ups
70 x Jumping lunges
60 x Supermans
50 x Push Ups
40 x KBS @ 44#s
30 x Pull Ups - scaled to box jump pull ups
20 x Plank up and downs
25 x Burpees

my time - 27:30
the scaled pull ups of course helped me finished and I know which movements I can gain time and not be left too far behind. I can do push ups, my air squats are OK but amazingly the plank up and downs I just wizzed past those.  Last 25 Burpees I did 10 then 5...then after resting enough I sprinted the last 10 to finish.  The time cap was 30 minutes so YAY for me!!!  I finished this!


11:30AM - 12:00PM
In between the 2 classes, the gym was empty so I used the time to work on my back squats. I tried for a max effort and tried to go as heavy as I could. I am very very weak on squats. So it is vital I keep working on this movement not only for depth but for overall #s. I should comfortably be squatting my BW for reps...and I cant right now.

95# x 5
135# x 5 (2)
155# x 3
165# x 3
185# x 2
225# x 1 (2)

1:30PM 10K ROW!!!!!

Ugh...while the 12 noon class was happening, I took some protein and stretched and tried to rest a bit before getting on this challenge.

I did some research...most people say the first goal is to JUST FINISH.
My personal goal was to do it under an hour.

I am SOOOOOO happy that I got it done in 53:30!!!!

and the set up with my friend

Beyond happy...and beyond BEAT. I am going to sleep in until noon tomorrow!!!  Oh man!!!

What a day!!!

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