Tuesday, April 15, 2014

04152014 Tuesday WOD SUCKED!!!

Tonight was horrible...yes HORRIBLE.  Here is what happened:

400m Run

Tabata Jump Rope - Singles, One foot + alternating, Singles, Backward


1 min AMRAP box jumps
24" as RXed = I got 22 w step ups

2 Rounds with Partner
50 x Goblet Squats @ 35#
50 x Plate Lunges @ 15#
50 x Wall Balls @ 14#
50 x Toes 2 Bar as Rx - Scaled to Knees to Chest

after finishing both rounds then
400m Run carrying med ball with partner

oh yeah... ***5 x burpees ON THE MINUTE - Scaled to 3 x Burpees***
This was the kicker...so horrible.  Every damn minute...3 burpees!!!

My partner and I finished in 22:37

It was horrible..ugh.  But happy we finished!

**Secondary note...I received my shipment from Vitacost and I picked up some Creatine. I have not taken this since forever. I think I took creatine in pills maybe when I first started working out.  I decided to try it out and take daily along with my other daily supplements.

I will see after a couple months how I feel and I get any gains for it.  Or I can be what they call a "non responder" which simply means exactly what it says. I just dont respond to it.  Looking forward to seeing how it works.

Here is a link with more info on Creatine

Also since I trained tonight I will take some ZMA's before bed.

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