Sunday, April 13, 2014

04132014 Tech Day - PR BABY!!!!

Went to open box hours this Sunday, not really expecting to do anything amazing. I was going to practice my overhead and do my usual pull ups.

Here is what I did:

PVC as needed - pass throughs, around the world, front rack stretch
Empty bar presses x 10 for 2 sets
Empty bar good mornings x 10


5 x 5  Strict Press
65#, 75#, 95#, 105#, 135#

5 x 3 Push Press
145#, 155#, 165#

3 x 1 Push Jerk
175#, 185# FAIL, 185#

the after failing 185#, I wanted to try one more time...on my second attempt I was able to get it up and lock it out.  It felt solid so I wanted to go for a PR (Personal Record).  I slapped on 2 x 10 plates..and went for it.


205 POUNDS!!!!

It was so amazing.  I was soooo happy!!  I have been working on overhead weight for like a year.  I have always wanted to get 200# of my head...the real goal is my bodyweight over head.  Next time I am going to try 225.  Ultimately if I can hit 245# I will be super super crazy happy.  GOAL ACHIEVED TODAY!!!!!

After that I went into my pull up practice.  Same as last week.
10 x 2

The pull ups feel better and better, this week I am going to try 10 x 3.  the plan is get to 10 x 5 and then I will try for my 10 strict. I may be stuck at 10 x 3 for awhile...but progress is progress right?  I will get those pull ups!

For the final final...did a tabata of air squats.  20 sec on 10 sec off....for 8 rounds.

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