Saturday, April 5, 2014

04052014 Busy Saturday!!!

Another glorious Saturday!  Perfect weather, sunshine and blue skies and a cool breeze.  Perfect perfect perfect.  Here is what fatboy did:

8:00AM IndoRow Class
45 min - I have 4 more classes at ATP through my 6 class deal.  Then I will get to sleep in.  I will enjoy my "warm up" for the next month.

10:00AM WOD
1 hour

Warm Up
Tabata Warm up
40s on, 20 off x 8
Push Ups/lunges/air squats/jumping jacks/sit ups/plank/burpees


Farmer Carry
45# DB for 200m  = 2:11

400m Run
50 x KBS @ 35#
50 x Goblet Squats @ 35#
400m Run
30 x Wall Balls @ 16#
200m Run with ball @ 16#
15 x Box Over Burpees
100m Run

Done = 17:47
*I was happy to be done under 20m.  In hindsight I could of went 44# for the kbs and I could of went Rx on the wall ball @ 20#s.  I was worried about scaling....I would slowed down if the weight was heavier for sure.

Post WOD
Hung out with one of the box's members to do some quick lifting.

Bench Press
3 x 5 = 165# w/ FatGrips
3 x 3 = 185# w/FatGrips
3 x 1 = 225#

*my friend also did 4 x strict pull ups in between each set.
I only did 2x in the beginning.

Post Post WOD

Per my promise to myself I stayed longer and did my pull up practice
10 x 2 for total of 20 pull ups
***strict pull ups from dead hang***

Good day...good day indeed. I am going to rest now and

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