Thursday, March 20, 2014

Weekend FUN and ROMALEOS 2

Yes...I bit the bullet and INVESTED in some proper weightlifting shoes.

They literally just came in 10 min ago....SO EXCITED.

Huge thanks to ROGUE FITNESS for the quick delivery.  I ordered on Monday, had the 3 Day and I got them today.

 I ordered these because this weekend I am going to attend an Olympic Weightlifting Seminar hosted by Catalyst Athletics/Greg Everett.  The event is part of their coaching seminars and they allow just regular peeps that want to go to go.  This will be my first seminar on this and very excited to see how it goes.  All my training prior to this has been with one coach, so I am very interested in seeing how someone else would train/teach me and all my issues.  I know I have lots..mobility and awkward form etc etc.  My problems are it will be fun to see how someone else will approach it.

In of the day, I am never going to compete or do any "serious" lifting. It is merely for fun and an interest of mine.  I will definitely check my ego at the door and willing to lift a PVC pipe all weekend if that is what I need to do.

But back to the shoes...the best detail...and one of the things NIKE does well...check out this little inspirational message right on the shoes!!!!

GO FORTH AND DOMINATE.....yes indeed. I intend to do just that.

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