Wednesday, March 26, 2014

The Pain of Getting Old

man I am tired...I am old...I am old and tired.

this past weekend really wiped me out...I have never felt so tired and "out of it" than these past couple of days.  Let's recap...

Thursday - went in for a regular WOD.
Friday - went in for Friday Night Lights and did 14.4 Open WOD
Saturday - Oly seminar
Sunday  - Oly seminar

Now Sat and Sun were not "full workouts" at all. was alot of technique work as well as mental exercise.  For others maybe not so much but for me...I really had to concentrate on what I was doing, along with the physical part of it.

By the end of it all on Sunday I was sore and pooped, I went for a Thai massage thinking I would rest Monday and be able to train again on Tuesday.

I was wrong.  Monday was a blur..I was wiped out all day at home and slept as early as I could.  Yesterday, Tuesday I was thinking I was going to workout...but NOPE. I was again still achy and tired. ZERO ENERGY.

As I roll into my later years....I would hope to be this into my 50s and beyond...

maybe this more

my point being we age, our bodies definitely need more rest. So listening to your body is key.  Back in the days I should be able to crush the week...but I am simply pooped.

I am going in tonight to do a LIGHT workout...I just need to get moving.  I may row and practice some pull ups or something like that.  I am not sure...

see the funny thing is the opposite is true.  If I DONT exercise or move...I am uncomfortable too.  It is a balance of moving and getting exercise and resting..but not resting too much.  I have taken these 2 days and I am definitely feeling like I need to move.  I need exercise.  Weird right?

It is 100% true about forming habits and sticking to it.  You dont need to be an elite athlete or even a "gym rat" you just need to move around a bit and stretch those muscles.  At least for me.  I am not training for anything, I am not trying to change my life in anyway...I just like working out and its a social activity for me.  That is my main motivation...and as long as I keep it fun, I will keep it going.

Now mentally prep for an easy workout tonight!

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