Sunday, March 30, 2014

Brap Brap Brap - Rotary Meet

03292014 - Saturday night, West Covina, CA

In a Parking Lot next to a Jamba Juice and in front of a Home Depot...Rotaries from all over came to park, look at each others cars, take pics and hang out.

I had to drag my baby out of the driveaway and wash her...after probably 2 years of sitting.  I drove her around a few times but never washed her until yesterday.  I think she came out OK.



I met up with my friend Royce, who happens to also own a White GSLSE....who happens to have a GF that drives a White FB with SE suspension all in essence we had 3 triple white FBs together at one sitting.  It was great...



Couple standouts of course...R Power came out with a couple of their cars...awesome as always.

Super clean RX2

Bad ass R100....

This here is Frank's about a monster...

yeah he has a hood was from a previous engine swap.  He had a T2 set up with the top mount intercooler.  The scoop was definitely functional.  He then switched to his current set up...the need for the scoop is no longer...

IMG_5204 sexy.


Sleeper of the night goes to this 1964? Mercedes?  I am not sure what year, the owner said it was literally his first when the factory MBZ motor finally died, he decided.."hmm..why not go big block?"  Be honest..if you saw this pale faded blue MBZ couple roll up next you at a red laugh, snicker and turn your nose...until it smoked your doors off and left you like you were sleeping.


in a straight line this old thing will make you cry....

now for some "glamour shots"


me and Royce flossing..

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