Saturday, March 29, 2014

03292014 What a way to end the month!

Man oh man...

What a day...let's recap...

8AM Indo Row class - 45 minutes

head to HP Crossfit

400m partner run w 10# med ball

Skill = 70 Snatches w a partner
I was solo since it was uneven people so I only did 35 @65#
2:23 to complete 35 Power Snatches

Cash in - 400m run
40 x air squats
30 x sit ups
20 x push ups
10 x pull ups
Cash out - 400m run

*I only did 2 rounds as I just wanted to warm up for 14.5 attempt.  I did my squats slowly and deliberately and even used a PVC in the front rack position.  I also use the box for my pull ups to just warm up the shoulders, did not want to tax my overhead since I would need it for the workout after.
Did above in 18 min...again slow and taking my time.


@ 11:30am


I knew I was going to scale it to women's weight which was 65#. I also knew the bar facing burpees would kill me.  Now the official workout is for time.  Meaning the clock cannot save you.  You just keep going until you are done.

I only got to 22 min and had to tap out.  I got to my 15s and had to stop.

I know it is a mental block and maybe I lack "the heart" of an athlete.  Well, not maybe I know I am no athlete. I just know that about myself and I am simply not wired like that. Some people have that never quit spirit and just go at it 100%. I envy them...I dont have that piece in my brain. I do the best I can...then push myself a little past and then I am done.

Even Coach Jason who judged me was pushing pushing telling me I was doing so well that I will surprise myself. Keep going keep going. Like other workouts, I just run out of gas at a certain point and can no longer go on. I have gotten a little better...I almost quit a lot sooner but I kept pushing and pushing until I at least finished my set of 18s.

That is all I had.

I am not sad...I am maybe a little disappointed...could I of finished in 45m?  1 hour? I am thinking at the rate I was going, I may need an hour to finish that workout.  It was brutal...and I am going to be so sore...

Funny thing is I am still happy and positive. I still feel accomplished...even though I DNF (did not finish)  I am happy I TRIED it...I may not have done well...but I tried. I am happy with that...

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