Friday, March 14, 2014

03132014 WOD

Got in late from took the 8PM class.

Warm up
Med ball throws @ 16# w partner
Med ball throws + burpees

Squat Press 5 x 5
so bad....I only did the bar @ 45#
My mobility is so bad, I can barely press the bar from behind the neck in a full squat.  It sucked. I want to try it again when I get a chance and practice it.  Super hard for me.

Double Unders
Wall Balls @ 20#
Box Jumps/Step Ups @ 24"

L3 - x3 singles on jump ropes. I did the rest as RX
63 - 45-18 singles

I completed the above in 15:20 sucked. we were cleaning up...people were amped about 14.3 so we started to practice it.

we did a deadlift conga line...just 1 rep all the way to max weight.  We started at 135# to 355#.
1 rep.

Then went home to sleep!

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