Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Humpday 02122014 WOD = DNF

So the little box I have been going to, to get my ass beat had a good little workout tonight.  Nothing too hard but man I am in rough shape.  I know I would NOT have crushed it but rewind to 5 mos ago I would of done much better.  At least FINISH the damn workout.  Tonight I had a DNF = Did Not Finish.

DNF is a term I learned a while back. I dont like it...but tonight I had to take it. I couldnt finish it.

Here is the workout.

Max Pull Ups 2x
I was pretty surprise I got 5 pretty clean ones with a slight kip. I was shocked actually. So first try...fresh I got the most ever in one shot 5.  Second try I only did 3.
5 not bad!!

7 RFT = Rounds for Time
15 x Kettlebell Swings
15 x Goblet Squats
15 x Box jumps/step ups
Rx weight = 53# KB for men
Box height = 24" standard

I used a 44# KB
Rx Box step ups

I only did 5 about 21 min.  It sucked.  I sucked.
This is a WOD I know I can do better. I should of spaced it out better.  Instead I went unbroken the first round and it killed me. I should of known better.

I could have done it 10 + 5 for the first 3 rnds and then maybe 5+5+5 for the last ones...something.  I should of thought it through better.

Well next workout is Saturday...hopefully I can do better.  Good sweat though and thorough body movement and workout for sure.

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