Saturday, February 15, 2014

Good day Saturday 02152014 WOD

Some Saturdays are so glorious right?  Today was one of those really kick ass, good days.  Here is the breakdown!

8AM - Indorow Class 45 min
Headed to ATP for my row class. This is like the perfect warm up for the rest of the morning.  The one good thing is I hit a benchmark. We did a 100m sprint and I was able to get it in 16 seconds.  Very pleased with that.

10:00AM - Highland Park Crossfit #hpcf  1 hour
I got the #hpcf early and warmed up a little.  Here is what we did.

Warm Up
10 x air squats
10 x jumping jacks
10 x scorpions which is a stretch..see here

10 x C & Ds and these....I never heard of it as a C&D...but it is an opening and closing of the body while in hang. it warms up the shoulders etc.

Partner workout.
20 Min AMRAP
200m run (both people have to run)
20 x 24" box jumps
20 x push ups
20 x wall balls (14# ball then moved to 20# ball for last one)

My partner and I completed 4 and the run.


Nope...a couple of us stayed after class and did some deadlifts.

Warm Up
PVC pipe as needed
*light - Bear Complex, max 95#
3 X 5 - I did bar (35#), 65# for 2


10 min work to 2RM Deadlift
I got to 345#

then...take 60% of your 2RM
which is 205#

and do 12 min EMOM x 4.

Kicked our butts for sure.  Felt good.

Now time to rest!

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