Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Final Thoughts on 2014

Another year...I am going to try and recap what I went through this year.

As with anything in and downs.  I will keep this simple...and break this down into 3 categories. Career, Love and Fitness.

This I took a risk..a gamble...with my career. I spent the last 15 months at my DREAM JOB. It was literally THEE place I wanted to be. For the rest of my life. I was ready to do anything to work there.  I practically did everything...but at the end, it did not happen.  I took a shot and it did not pay off. I have no regrets...I learned so much and had such great experiences.  Things and tools I can take with me to my next gig.  On to the next one.

Earlier this year I became single. My 2 year relationship ended in February.  I dont want to share anymore...sigh.

Then a new love. My sister had a baby boy. My nephew Jaxson.  I am a real uncle...and it is great.

I am lucky in this respect. My family and friends are all well and healthy.  Healthy...which leads to the final category.

I have also been lucky...I found a new family.  My little Crossfit box Highland Park Crossfit. I walked into that place in Feb and had no expectations. But after all this time...I discovered love, friendship and a team. A tribe. I am very very happy. I have reached my goals and keep getting better. I have hit all the goals I wanted. I hit all my numbers in my lifts.

As I look into 2015...I know what I am going to work on.

I will keep:

I wont stop...I want to get pull ups where they are super easy and stress free. I will keep doing these.

I wont stop these...I need to get stronger and better in my squats. My mobility is so bad...I have to keep going.

What's new? New GOALS FOR 2015.

I can jump rope singles are strong. I have the Rx rope which is awesome...I know HOW to do DUs...I just cant..and it is 100% a skill that can be learned through practice.  It is not like other things like handstand push ups or muscle ups.  This skill can be learned.  I plan on practicing until I get them.

It has been too long.  I ignored it for too long.  I need to work on my wrists and shoulders and get the mobility so I can finally have a decent position.  Again...after research...the only way to get this if you dont already have the to keep doing it.  Keep wrenching and wrenching until your limbs bend.  I plan on dedicating time to working on my front rack and proper position.

I have been training 5x a week...and loving it.
I want to keep this up through the new year.

Happy New Year!

12312014 Last WOD of 2014

Final WOD for the year.

It hurt...and a few of us DID NOT FINISH....#DNF

400m Run
3 x 10 of Squats, Jumping Jacks, Sit Ups
3 x Duck Walk (50 feet)



Max Rep Clean and Jerk
195# BABY!!!!

3 Rounds For Time
20 x Front Squats
20 x Shoulder to Overhead
20 x Pull Ups
Rx - 95#

15 min time cap.
I completed 2 rounds + 15 S2O
Bleh...I wish I could of finished...but it was a tough workout.  I am happy I did it Rx.  The pull ups were slow for me for sure...but again I am happy I did them legit. A did a combo of butterfly and kipping. I would butterfly like 3-4 and then kip singles to finish it off.  It was tough and it was a slow grind.  The Front Squats at that weight was not too bad.

That is it...I will remember this always..

Tuesday, December 30, 2014

12302014 Tuesday WOD

I came in to warm up a little early....what happens? Peer pressure and there it goes. I WOD earlier than expected.

barely...I stretched.


1000m Row

100 x Medicine Ball cleans @ 25#

50 x Burpees

Rx = 20#
I went heavier!  WOOHOO...

DONE - 18:58

Not bad...not bad.

Sunday, December 28, 2014

12282014 PR Overhead Squat

Sunday Skwaaat Day!!!  PR DAY!!!

Love it when I can PR.

warm up stretch - ankles and hips

Empty bar x 10 (2)
135# x 10 (2)

Working set of triples

matched previous PR.

Warm up stretches
Empty Bar x 10  - front press and behind neck 2 sets

Working Set of 5
Empty Bar
75# (80#)
115# (120#)

135# (140#)

x 2
145# (150#)
155# (160#)
165# (170#)

Video Below

the weights are adjusted because we use an old trick by mounting 2.5# plates on the INSIDE of the bar. So you essentially forget the extra 5# is on the bar. totally a psychological mind f*ck.  You forget the little weights are in there...and you hit it!  WOOHOOO!!!

Huge thanks to Coach Jose for making me push and go for this PR!



Saturday, December 27, 2014

12272014 Sat WOD

This morning was a good workout.  I was pleasantly surprised that everyone did so well. We did alot of work.  Very pleased with #teamHPCF!

400m Run

Partner A - Wall Sit
Partner B - performs 10 x Squats, Push Ups and Sit ups
100m Run
*switch 2 xs.


Max Rep Pull Ups in 1 min = 11
Rest 1 min
Max Rep Pull Ups in 1 min = 15
26 TOTAL!!!!
*very happy with this. I can do singles via a kip pretty well. I just cannot get a rhythm going. I need need need to work on that.  But if I need to pull singles I can. Doing much better.

25 x Burpees
50 x Lateral Jumps over Bar

3 x Deadlift
3 x Power Clean
3 x Front Squat
*I did not drop the bar.  The above was performed as a complex. If I dropped the bar, I would have to start over and the rep would not count. #Boom!  =)

Rest 2 minutes

50 x Lateral Jumps over Bar
25 x Burpees

DONE - 20:25!!!!!

RX was 185#, L3 was 155# so I did L2. If I was fresh and feeling fancy I would of tried L3 @ 155 but after yesterday's mash I knew I could not do it.

I was pretty pleases at what I got done in 20 mins.  It was pretty amazing. In fact the whole class did VERY WELL! We all finished around 21-22 minutes.  EVERYONE!

I am proud.  Very proud.

Friday, December 26, 2014

12262014 Mash

Special Friday MASH!  Having the day off...made for a nice Mash today. not a term we wanted to use..but yeah.  It was pretty are the gory details.


and it was guest programmed by the one and only Miranda Oldroyd

yah she is pretty bad ass...

anyways...per usual here is what I did...scaled and modified for ME.

Row 1000m
100 x Med Ball cleans @ 20#

Rest 5 min

300 x Single Jump Rope
100 x Box Pull Ups
*jump rope is feeling better. I can pretty much do 70-80 singles unbroken, Maybe 100.  With the RX jump rope, I am using my wrists more and can really feel the rope.  2015 is the year of the double unders for sure.  Let me just say the Rx Jump Rope is pretty much the best. Yes it is pretty expensive.  $50 for a jump rope...but so worth it. This rope is great.

Rest 5 min

75 x Burpees
50 x Power Snatch @ 95#
* we dont have 70lb DB at our box.  We have 53# KB but that was a tad heavy. As a group we all agree to use a power snatch instead.

Rest 5 min

50 x Thrusters @ 75#
25 x Pull Ups
* thrusters were pretty crappy. Lots of "bro reps" and I admit it.
**my pull ups were actually not that bad. I am finding out I can do triples pretty decent.  I can jump up pull 3 and jump back up and just keep going.  I still need to practice my kip/butterfly but just banging out pull ups, I can do triples pretty least that is what it felt like today.

DONE - 85:05

What a took us all almost 90 mins...1 hour and a

It was tough.  Happy we were done.

Wednesday, December 24, 2014

12242014 Christmas Eve WOD

Merry Xmas all!

I walked in expecting a "normal" #wod but of course things change.

In the CrossFit community many boxes were doing a "12 Days of Crossfit" which exactly what it sounds.  Using the Christmas carol, you choose 12 movements and do them like the song.  I originally thought the wod was something that was already programmed but instead it is an open workout where each box can program how they wanted.  As long as you follow the sequence.  Here is what I did..or tried.

class was starting in 30 min..we had a unofficial 25 min time cap.  None of us finished.

1 x Deadlift @ 115#    Rx was 135# - you use one bar throughout.
2 x Hang Clean
3 x Push Jerk
4 x Back Squat
5 x Burpee
6 x Front Squat
7 x Pull Ups
8 x Goblet squats @ 44#   Rx was 53#
9 x Wall Balls
10 x Squat Clean
11 x Toes 2 Bar
12 x Muscle Ups

So...for those that are still perform each like the song.
do 1 x deadlift
then do 2 x Hang cleans + 1 x Deadlift
then do 3 x Push Jerks + 2 x Hang Cleans + 1 Deadlift
then do 4 x Back Squats +  3 x Push Jerks + 2 x Hang Cleans + 1 Deadlift
and so on until you get to the 12th movement.

Having only 25 minutes the farthest someone got was to the 11 x Toes 2 Bar.

I got to 10 x Squat Cleans which I did power since I cannot squat clean and 8 x wall balls.  Not too bad at least I completed the 10th movement.

This was brutal...and I did not even had a chance to warm up. I walked in and jumped into the was crazy.  Talk about not being ready...but being ready for anything.  Crossfit makes you prepped for sure.  I walked in..and got into the workout.

It can be dangerous to not warm up yes please dont do crazy things like this.  I was careful and I know my body and what I can handle.

It was good...I killed it for 25 minutes of pure work.


Rest day Rest day Rest day!!!!

Tuesday, December 23, 2014

12232014 Tuesday WOD

Pull ups suck...WORK IN PROGRESS.

I swear...I know I have gotten better. Improved. I can honestly say I have "mastered" A PULL UP. In an isolated context of course. I have about 3-5 strict dead hang pull ups. Maybe a couple more if I kip. I do need to learn how to kip correctly because I simply cannot get the rhythm at all. butterflies. I am able to kinda sorta string together 2-4 at a time. Chin over bar. But it aint pretty.

400m Run
3 x 10 of Squats, Sit ups and Jumping Jacks

"Chaos Squats"
I personally have never heard of these...but I have seen the exercise. It is basically squatting with KBs attached via a band at the ends. This of course creates an unbalanced bar and forces you to engage your core. It is less about weight more about form and balance and keeping a tight core throughout.

Another shot...

We did 4 x 10.
We started with an empty bar plus 2 x 20lb KBs.  Worked to a 115# + 40lbs KB for out last set of 10.
Great accessory movement, I appreciated this as our skill.  Good stuff.

CASH IN - 50 x Wall Balls @ 16#
200m Run
20 x KBS @ 44#
15 x Pull Ups @ Rx
CASH OUT - 50 x Wall Balls @ 16#

Time cap was 17 Mins
Coach let us go to 20 Mins
I did not finish...I got to 48 x Wall Balls..just 2 shy.


*obviously it was the pull ups that slowed me down.  I did all my KBS unbroken.  My run was usually slow per always...but the KBS being unbroken kept me in the mix.  I did my pull ups in triples, 4x and singles...all the way to get to 20. It was not pretty.  I really need to practice that like more.

I will always practice pull ups I think...even when and if I ever become "proficient" I will practice them.  It's now a habit..I try to always do pull ups when I can. At least a couple before I leave the gym.

Saturday, December 20, 2014

12202014 Saturday MASH

Ok...2nd day back. I took it easy yesterday and the WOD was mostly body weight stuff so it was a good primer to get my back in the swing.

So this morning I jumped right back and did the mash. ALONE...well, one of our guys came later and he did it after.

Per is the as Rx posted by Crossfit Linchpin

MONSTER MASH - Crossfit Linchpin

here is what I personally did:

80 x wall balls @ 16#
40 x HSPU @ on my knees on a box
20 x deadlifts @ 315#

Rest 10 mins

Regular Pull Ups - I will freely admit I probably "bro repped" A LOT. I mean A LOT.
Kettle Bell Swings @ 53#
Goblet Squats @ 53#

Rest 10 mins

Power Snatch @ 115#
14 x Ring Rows after each set

70:04 DONE!!!

I must say the deadlifts were very hard.  I broke them up at first by 5...then it went to 4 then at the end I was doing my best to pull triples.

Also the ring rows at the end got me...I broke down the power snatch into 3s. That also got heavy real quick.

Great workout and great way to get back into the mix.  I am tired and I will be sore tomorrow...all good though. I feel refreshed. And Strong!!!


Friday, December 19, 2014

12192014 Friday WOD

First WOD back after a week off.  A week of being SICK.  I had a nagging achy body and stuffed up head. So I took it slow.

400m Run

Max Squat Clean

I cant do I was able to work on my front rack. I stretched and had my mobility worked on. I used the 15 min for this skill to really work on my mobility so I can get a front rack...eventually.


80 x Squat
70 x Sit ups - I admit to cheating and only did about 50 or so. I was cramping up. =( fail.
60 x Lunges
50 x Push ups
40 x Goblet squats @ 35# It was L2.
30 x Kettlebell swings
20 x Burpees

18:00 min time cap
I finished in 16:17

Sunday, December 14, 2014

12142014 Sunday Fun Day

Squats and accessory work...

I am working off of last week. I set up a lower box this no doubt it is below parallel.
EB x 10 (2)
135# x 10 (2)

Working Set - Triples
315# x 2 only...I got scared of trying the 3rd rep.

Accessory Work

Complex - 3 x Snatch Grip Deadlift + 3 x Hang Pulls
95# x 3
115# x 3
135# x 3

Back Extensions on GHD

BW x 10 x 2
+ 15# plate x 10 x 2

Pull Up Practice
Strict + Kip and a horrible butterfly attempt.

That's it!!

Saturday, December 13, 2014

12132014 Special Sat WOD

Today is special for 2 big reasons.

#1 - Mom's Birthday!  Happy Birthday MOM!!!

#2 - Highland Park Crossfit's Anniversary - Happy Birthday HPCF!!!

Monster Mash

Per usual...I will post what I did personally....

5 min AMRAP
Squat Clean + Jerk
I basically did "Grace" at 135# because I cant squat clean.  I completed 17 reps.

Rest 10 minutes

10 min AMRAP
60 x Bar Facing Burpees
30 x OHS
10 x Muscle Ups
Well...lets be honest I only did the burpees.  I completed 52 x bar facing burpees in 10 mins.

Rest 10 minutes

10 min AMRAP
30 x Double Unders = 60 x Singles
15 x Power Snatches @ 75#
I completed 3 rounds


We celebrated with a "Half Murph" WOD. I missed the start so I just jumped in...I completed 150 x squats  and 40 x push ups.

What a great day!!!

121214 Friday Night WOD

Another AS RX workout for your boy!  Yay for me!

3 Rounds
10 x Squats
10 x Jumping Jacks
10 x Sit Ups
5 x Burpees



Max Deadlift
5 x 5
I didn't push it at all....315#
315# was pretty light at 5 reps.

12 RFT

12 x Med Ball Cleans

12 x Push ups
21 min time cap
I finished in 17:57 AS Rx!!!  with a 20# ball.

Tonight's WOD was good for me. I was able to spread out the pain and get through it. I am happy I got it under 18 mins.  Not bad at all for a Friday night.

Thursday, December 11, 2014

12112014 Thursday WOD

Tonight we did this...

Crossfit,com 's Wed 12/10 WOD.

this workout sucked...well OK..not that bad but bad, if that makes sense.

400m Run

With a partner
P1 - Holds a Med Ball in full squat (we used a 14# ball)
P2 - Performs 10 x Sit Up, 10 x Push Up and 10 x Jumping Jacks
We do this 2 x each...4 times total.

Sots Press

5 x 3 - I did 95# for it did not count.  My final weight was 45# = Empty Bar.
This movement is way really works your core, balance, bottom of squat and shoulders.  It really really taxes your shoulders. I should really practice this more.  I may do that on Sunday Squat day aka Open Box.

The above...
1 min - Squat Clean
1 min - Push Jerk
2 min - SC
2 min - PJ
3 min - SC
3 min - PJ
as RX = 135#, I did it at L3 = 115#
and, I further scaled it and performed power cleans. Same reason...I do not and cannot hold a front rack so I cannot squat with weight in front of me.  I can barely do it with an empty bar.  Any movement that requires a front rack I simply cannot do.  I know I know I need to work work work on it.  I plan on doing it next year.  I will declare 2015 the year of front rack and double unders.

I did a total of 71 reps across all the 12 minutes.  Not too bad.
It is weird...115# gets heavy real quick. I mean quick.  I know I cant be getting weaker at all...but man...I know 135# would of killed me.

Well...that's all folks.  Good night!

Monday, December 8, 2014

12082014 Monday WOD

I had to run an errand with my boss and that got me out of work early.  Early enough to take the 6PM class on a Monday!  I know weird right?

3 x
min 1 - 500m Row
min 2 - 10 x Push Up + 10 x Sit Up + 10 x Lunges
min 3 - 5 x Burpee + 10 x Sit ups


Max 500m Row
I PRed today!

I rowed 500m in 1:43!!!!!

Pretty stoked about that....whoohooo!!!


Hero WOD - D.T.

5 Rounds for Time = 15 min time cap
12 x Deadlifts @ 115# = L2
9 x Hang Power Cleans
6 x Push Jerks

I finished in 13;42

I must say this was a hard workout.  Not because of the weight..the weight was light.  It was a different kind of load and metabolic conditioning...also different from say running a mile and different then jumping rope or doing burpees.

12082014 RECAP GOALS

2014 has been a crazy year for me.

I wont get into my personal stuff because that can get into a whole other level...but when it comes to training and reaching some numbers I wanted...I have succeeded.  Yesterday in my previous post I hit my last goal...and I wanted to do a quick recap...not only for myself but for my 8-10 readers on here!

I stated that I wanted to add 50# across my lagging lifts.  The "big lifts."  Here are my numbers.

Bench Press - 275#
Dead - 405#
Squat - 350#
TOTAL - 1030lbs

Strict Press - 195#
Dead - 405#
Squat - 350#
TOTAL - 950lbs

I am beyond happy and proud of myself.  The only lift I have not really worked on was my bench.  A 275# 1RM was "good enough" for a bit, plus in crossfit we dont really bench a lot.  But I am sure I can get that number higher too.  I am going to keep going and maybe do an UPDATE at the real end of the year.  If I can get 1000lbs in my crossfit total that would be great.  I need to add more weight to my dead and squat. I think I am tapped out on my strict press.

Not bad for the first week of Dec 2014.

I am going to really work on pull ups for the remainder of 2014.  I want to get to 10 unbroken.  My max was 7 just 3 more to go.  10 unbroken pull ups to end 2014 would be amazing.

Looking forward to 2015...I know what I have to work on next year.  Always get stronger...but after pull ups...I am looking at DOUBLE UNDERS.  That is next on this fat boys list.

Sunday, December 7, 2014

12072014 PR Sunday!!!

Today....first week of December I reached my last goal.  I had some numbers I wanted to hit...and I did it today.

I stretched out and went right into it...

Empty Bar x 10 (2)
135# x 10 (2)

Working set
185# x 5
225# x 5
255# x 5
275# x 3
295# x 3
315# x 1
335# x 1
350# !!!!!

AWESOME!!!!  YAY!!!!!

I wanted to add 50lbs across all my lifts...and this makes the final.

195# strict press
225# push presh/jerk
350# back squat
405# deadlift - both conventional and sumo



135# x 10
185# x 5
225# x 5
275# x 3
295# x 1
315# x 1
365# x 1
405# x 1 - DONE!!!!

Pull Up Practice
10 x strict

Butterfly practice was bad...I lost what little tiny rhythm I had.  I need to really get back into it.  I can barely do it now.  Now that I have all my lifts...I can really really get into the pull ups.  3 more weeks until end of the year...I will practice my pull ups from now on!