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Long Overdue UPDATE 11162013

Hello Hello Hello!!!

I have been asleep and off this blog for so long...I apologize.  Lots have been going on...I am not going to into too much of the goings on...but will try to catch everyone up that is interested in what is going on in my little life.  I will make it easy and have headers so you can skim and choose to read what you want!

PRACTICE WHAT YOU PREACH I attended my first INDO ROW class. I have always enjoyed rowing and felt I was getting better on the rower/erg and just liked it.  So when I saw that GROUPON had a special for some classes in my area I jumped on it.  A while back I did a guest blog and was asked what are some tips or strategies for people to get up and move around and how and why I did.  One of my tips is to search the coupon sites like Groupon and Living Social etc for fitness classes.  It is a PERFECT way to try something you never have before and for a deep discount.  Want to try Zumba? or a Bootcamp? I guarantee there is a coupon in your area where you can go try it for cheap.  So..that is what I did.  I saw this great deal for ATP studio in South Pasadena.  It is a fitness studio that offers Barre, TRX, Rowing classes as well as Physical Therapy.  It is super close to home and offered classes I was interested in trying so I bought it. I have a 6 class coupon and I can pick and choose any class and anytime I want.  This morning I did my first class...INDO ROW.

First my BEST row times were a 2K at 4:08 and 500m at 2:02 or around there.  Even being out for so long I thought I could do OK.  The class is basically like a SPIN class for rowing.  We did warm up, we did a tabata, we did a mini "race" and it was a pretty good workout.  I hung in there and did OK..and my "style" of rowing was best at the quick spurts.  One of our races was a 150M sprint...we did it in teams.  So was soon as the person next to you got to 20M they yelled 20! and you were to get ready...and then they yell GO and you go.  The 150M was a good sprint for me and I was able to crush it.  All in all it was a 45 min class and I really liked it.  Small group less than 10 and ALL CHICKS.  I have to admit, I dont think alot of guys are part of that gym...but I guess I will see.  It looks very much like a higher end "studio" and the clientele is definitely geared towards women.  I am planning on taking a TRX class next as well as a TIDAL WAVE class.  Again these are classes I have always been interested in trying.

2011 FOCUS ARRIBA "Fitness Series" Hybrid Bike

I decided in the last few weeks I needed a bike...a real bike with gears and I can take out for real rides not just cruising around. I have my 24 inch BMX for that.  But needed something I can take to the rosebowl or the LA River Bike Path etc to get some low impact cardio. to get moving and mobilize my lower extremities that wont mess up my feet.  I pulled the trigger last week and picked up a hybrid.  I got a great deal as it was a closeout special.

2011 Focus Arriba - Fitness Series

2011 Focus Arriba - Fitness Series

2011 Focus Arriba - Fitness Series

I am hoping it does not rain tomorrow so I can take it for a romp around the area.  I may ride it to Trade Joes for a quick grocery run...who knows.  If it doesn't rain tomorrow, I will go for a spin.

Here is where you can log off and read something else. Unless you really care why and what is happening no need for further reading.  This is the boring personal stuff.

It all started in Sept...Labor Day.  3 major things happened around that time.  Give or take a few days. I started a new contract/temp job, my left foot started bugging me and I stopped training with my regular crew/coach.  I am just going to get into my foot problems.  A job is a job and  I am just pleased to have one at this time.  I am doing my best to change the temp status into perm and will see how it goes as we roll into 2014.  As for my old workout crew and coach...again a long story and not something I will get into here. It is what it is and I am looking for somewhere else to train.

Now the feet...any one that has read my blog or knows me, knows my foot problems.  In late October I decided to suck it up and find a podiatrist and once and for all find out what is going on and how to fix it.  I found a local doctor with a great yelp page and made an appointment.  Now bear in mind I have NO Obamacare if in my very near future...but now I am paying CASH.  Sucks.  I go in..and see the doctor.  He gives me anti flammatories and orders bloodwork.  I do all that go back to see him.  We go over it..and sure enough the blood work confirms Rheumatoid Arthritis, High Uric Acid and a bunch of stuff.  It was at this time we has like OK..nothing more I can do for you, you need a specialist.  So he refers to me to a Rheumatoidologist.  But I the next appt is not until 5 weeks away.  So I bare it...then right around Halloween the pain left my left foot and jumped to my right foot.  It got so bad that I could not walk and had to see the doctor again and ask for a steroid shot. It was bad.  Now remember I have been in pain for the last month and a half.  Of course my original podiatrist is on vacation until 31st, so I had to call another that could see me right away.  I find another doctor...and he too RXed me anti flammatories and gives me right foot a shot or cortisoid for the pain.  I do a follow up and he too says the exact same thing..nothing I can do now. You need to see a specialist for the RA.  I went to see the specialist last night...he listens to me...and now says..he does not think I have RA..he thinks it is GOUT.  So after years of do I have gout or dont I...the specialist thinks it is gout.  He orders me gout meds and I have to do a full blood panel and go see him in 3 weeks.  Sigh...bored yet?

As of this writing my feet feel OK. I was able to do the row class this AM..because I was not on my feet....I just hope it works out and I am good enough to continue training. I have 5 more classes to spread out for the next few weeks...when I will then figure out what I should do with my fitness.  Oh man...fingers crossed everything goes well.

I will blog all my workouts as soon as I get on some regular schedule....but this post should explain A LOT.

Thanks for reading!

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