Sunday, September 1, 2013

Sunday 09012013 Deadlifts in the Heat

Why oh why is it so dang hot?  And why oh who go to where it is hotter?  The VALLEY is alien land..and it is hot AF.

Went back to my buddy's home gym to further abuse his new gear.  Here is what I did...he did another WOD (I will actually attempt it tomorrow) that I had in my archives.

Stretching/Mobility - 10 minutes

3 x 10
PVC Pass Throughs
Empty bar Good Mornings
Empty bar deadlifts


10 Minutes work to 2RM (rep max)
5 x 2
135lbs x 2

185lbs / 215lbs / 245lbs / 275lbs / 295lbs

10 Minutes EMOM @ 85% of 2RM

Stretching - 10 mins

and got the heck out of there into my air conditioned car...woohooo it is hot out there!

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