Sunday, August 25, 2013

Sunday 08252013 new toys to play with

This Sunday I went over to a buddy's home gym to test out and break in his new equipment.

My friend picked up a bunch of new gear, a rack, barbell and some bumper plates.  All Rogue!

Seriously it felt like 120 degrees out there, I am sure it was much cooler but man it was HOT.  We decided up front to keep it simple, moderate weight and since we both need to practice our technique no need to get crazy.

stretching and mobility = about 20 min usual legs, shoulders etc.

Back Squat = 5 x 3
Bar only x 5
75lbs x 10


Overhead Press = 5 x 3
*I did strict press all the way until the last 2, I then had to switch to a push press
Bar only x 5


DONE...get the heck inside where there was AC...and then headed home to take a cold shower and stretch.

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