Saturday, August 17, 2013

Saturday AM 08172013 WOD

Kinda sunny..and a little hot this morning...I guess it is August right?  No need for vitamin D supplements...not this morning.  Let's get into it..

Slow jog around park
Stretch and Mobility

High Knees
Butt Kicks
Tall Side Shuffles
Hip Twisty Shuffles
Back and Forth - 25 yards


1 x full lap around park @ 100%

50 yard walking lunges

40 x bench dips

20 x bench jumps
*everyone had different numbers of the above dips and jumps, these are mine

2 x of the above

3rd one for me...75 yard sprint @ 100% and back
repeat dips and jumps for my final one.

Stretch and Mobility


I have an afternoon tech session scheduled so did not want to eat heavy, but had to eat home took a COLD shower

since I am too wimpy for an ice bath and drinking some organic almond milk with SFH protein.  Plan on some reading for the next 2 hours before the second workout....RELAX!

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