Monday, August 5, 2013

Rosebowl Monday Workout - 08052013

Had a good workout was very nice!

Still sore from Sunday's not looking forward to a workout.

1 x lap around the park
Stretch and Mobility

25 ft
Walking lunges
High Knees skips
Squat pivot walks
Back and Forth

15-20 min Technique Practice
Pull ups
Bench dips
Regular Dips

Stair Sprints to a jog around - AMRAP
*I had to be a smart ass and say I would do it while carrying a found log.


I did it 2xs with the log and 1 w/o and full speed sprint up the stairs

Stretch and Mobility

That last push was good...I felt good.  The log probably weighed around 40lbs...not sure but I am going to guess that!  Plus a very RARE occurrence, coach actually gave me "extra credit" for my log run.  That was nice.  Felt good.

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