Friday, August 16, 2013



Join the Pukie World Order!


My friend recently started a little clothing company for the crossfit/fit crowd...only reason I would say this is because the name of the company refers to a Crossfit term/character.  Because in reality anyone that like super soft t shirts, custom designs and hand crafted artwork will appreciate it!

I was lucky enough to get the shirt I SPECIFICALLY WANTED....because heck that is what I am right? (save your boos)

Check out the little swag pack I got from the PWO!

Seriously, I have a custom barf bag....

cool sticker for my next laptop...

As you can see, the FUN of these shirts is the graphics.  PWO takes old timey images of muscle men, strong men and other archaic images of what muscles and fitness was way back when.  Their culture and brand images all point to the same classic/vintage aesthetic.  Def check out their instagram too for funny images like ads for chest enhancers and pics of strong men lifting cars and stuff.  Pretty fun stuff.

Per my friend, new images and designs are coming on deck shortly so def check it out often even if you dont find something you like now, they have something cool that is for you later on.  

The shirts are American Apparel and a super soft jersey knit and each one is hand silk screened. No machines here, just good ol fashioned blood sweat and tears.

I am looking forward to see the upcoming designs.

Thank you again PWO for the love!  I hope people jump on board to support you!  WOD ON!!!


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