Sunday, August 4, 2013

D3 "Landmine" WOD - Sunday 08042013 FAIL

Check out the link below.  The "Legendary Competitor" is an organizer of sport events.  Mainly crossfit type events as well as powerlifting and olympic lifting.  They hold several events throughout the year and they run a good show.  My Coach has done it a couple of times as well as a buddy whom I work out with did it last time it was in Monrovia CA.  Check out the one coming up the end of this month.

Look..I am no competitor...obviously.  I cannot do the basic moves at least to count and that is why I am practicing and really trying to stretch and be more mobile.  I looked at the event workout which was just announced and saw that in the D3 or Division 3 category which is specifically for "entry level", they dont use beginner because even to do D3, you need to be safe and know your movements so you can do them and not get hurt.  I took a look at the D3...and kind of...sort of....thought maybe I could do that work out.

Silly me...take a look at the workout, it is called the LANDMINE:

Event 1: Landmine

Time Cap: 12 min

1-2-3-4-5 of Squat Clean Thrusters

Between every set athlete must complete the following round:

D3/ Masters 53+

4 Hand Release Burpees

4 Pullups

12 Air Squats

Weights for Squat Clean Thrusters

D1 185#/105#

D2/ Masters 40-52 155#/ 85#

D3/ Masters 53+ 115#/ 75#

So 115lbs is fairly light for me and only 4 burpees and 4 pull ups I think I can swing that. What had me worried was the air squats.

I got to PSC and began to warm up..

1 x lap around the block
20-30 mins stretching and mobility
- hamstrings
- hips
- shoulders
- front rack specifically

I grabbed the bare bar...45lbs.  Got into the front rack.  Felt OK. I think I actually improved on getting the bar and keeping the bar at that position.  As long as I dont have to do anything.  After a few attempts I got it and did a couple squat thrusters just the bar. DONE!  OK...add some weight.  20lbs.  Now I am at 65lbs.

At 65lbs the front rack is no longer "comfy" my fingers cannot stretch to keep the bar stable as I try to lower myself to the squat.  Again standing upright and keeping the bar seems to have improved but the second I try to lower myself to the bottom of the squat I lose the bar.  Again...after SEVERAL who will be judging me gets frustrated too and tells me to just hold it in front. Not rack it just hold the bar in front of me with my elbows out as much as possible.

Ding ding ding..OK I got it. I was even able to hit depth.
1 x power clean, then squat to thruster
1 x pull up
1 x hand release push up
2 x air squat

Repeat the above this time with 95lbs.

OK add the weight..we going for it.  115lbs on the bar.  12 minutes on the clock.

and off I went.  First 3 were fairly easy.  The 4th was painful...and there was no 5th.


I am thinking maybe if it was a 15 min time cap...I could of done it?  Maybe?
Another thought...I was told by coach to NOT take any sort of Pre Work Out.  I usually take GAT-Nitraflex or BCAAs and Caffeine before intense workouts/class.  I was going to take something before this workout but coach said not to....I need to ask him why not.  Not sure if that would of helped me or not.

Of all the workouts the Crossfit main site posts or the standard set workouts etc, I kinda thought I could do this one. Not like smash the time but honestly thought I could do it in maybe 10 mins.  I know for sure where I can be faster, the pull ups and the air squats.  I was so slow on those, it ate my time up for the squat thrusters.

At the bare minimum I have a couple take a ways. I have finally reached a "decent" air squat. My front rack has improved like crazy as well as my pull ups,.  Can I do a front squat nope..can I string like 5 pull ups together yet NO.  But...there is a light at the end of this tunnel. I felt it this afternoon, finally pulling my chin over that bar...and feeling my elbows go farther forward than they have ever and feeling a little tinge of comfort as the bar sat across my throat and shoulders.  I actually felt the position...CRAZY.  Last but not least the air takes a lot of stretching to get it...but I can do it...I can cycle through, not fast like the pros but fast enough for future workouts for sure.

Am I happy? I at least have some take a I guess that is all you can do sometimes.

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