Monday, August 19, 2013

Coach's BDAY WOD - 08192013

Special day at the old Rosebowl this evening.  We celebrated Coach's birthday today (actual 8/18)!

We decorated the park benches, balloons, gluten free cupcakes, presents and a workout!

jog around park
stretch and mobilty

WOD *we had a choice of 2 workouts, I had to do this one...

75 yard sprint (back and forth = 150 yards)
10 x burpees
5 x pull ups
I was able to complete 8 rounds

Stretch and mobility


Then we all hung around a bit to chit chat and wish Coach a very happy birthday!  He hopefully liked his presents, our coach is a coffee fiend so we got him a cool aeropress coffee press, 2 bags of Peet's fancy whole coffee beans and a gift card to Peets.  Unfortunately, his wife already got him the SAME press...sooo..I guess he has an extra one for travel and just in case the other ever breaks.  Happy Birthday Coach!

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