Thursday, August 1, 2013

Catch up post - 0727-0729-0801

Missing a bunch of tonight is catch up.

Saturday 0727

Coach had us all take a nice long walk this weekend to think, focus and just move.
I walked to Snap Fitness, door to door is 1.5 miles.  Stretched and then walked back.  3 miles total.
On Sunday, I joined a fellow classmate and walked/hiked about an hour in this park nearby the house.  So it was a nice weekend that was full of walking and moving.

Monday 0729
Run one lap around Rosebowl park area.

25 yards
High knees
Butt kicks back
2 x

Side shuffles low b+f

Increasing speed jog 50 yards
10 x jump ups
10 x each leg split squats
3 xs above
Increasing jog back

Increasing speed jog 50 yards
10 x jumps
5 x each leg split squats w a 2 sec hold at the bottom
3 xs above
Increasing jog back

15 x air squats *concentrate on depth and explosive hips to upright
5 x pull ups
2 x above


Thursday 0801
This evening I went over for a technique session.
Run 1 "short" lap around garage

Stretch and Mobility = 20 mins
*This graphic is wrong 30 secs dont do crap...i have to hold this for 2 mins...longest 2 mins ever...and my leg is not even 100% straight...this stretch sucks.

Ham strings


Air Squats = 15 mins
Sitting at bottom, chest up, hips forward
Practice technique, stretch ankles, calves and position

Back Squats @ 135lbs *high bar variation
3 x 2 to establish range of movement and depth
3 x 2 slow to depth with 2 sec pause at bottom (barefoot)
1 x 5 slow to depth (barefoot)

Cool down
slow row for 5 min @ 3 setting
approx 850m

Assisted bottom of squat hold - 1 min

holding on to something for support, sit at bottom and really stretch lower back

the goal is one day sit like this with EASE....

Tonight felt good, still painful but again I think this is the most I have ever hit depth before ever.  Def helps to sit in it for a bit so I can muscle memory how it feels plus helps with the drive up and get me stronger.  Towards the end I felt myself leaning forward a bunch so I am sure my chest was too low, but at this point, hitting depth seems to take precedent so I get a pass for my torso.  I also FEEL like I am hyper extending my back (lower back feels strain) but I am merely getting into a "normal" position. really feels like I am just arched all wrong when in fact I am just there.  Anyways..these sessions are pretty good for me and I think its helping for sure.  Still have to work on front rack and see if I can hold 135lbs in a front rack. I think I can..I was going to try this evening but was  Chicken over here.

This weekend I have something planned.  I am going to attempt a modified NLI workout called the LANDMINE.  We shall see how it goes..more info as I get closer and try it.

It is 1030PM and I need to rumble roll my quads and calves before bed...or I wont walk tomorrow.  Good night dear readers!

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