Sunday, August 25, 2013

Sunday 08252013 new toys to play with

This Sunday I went over to a buddy's home gym to test out and break in his new equipment.

My friend picked up a bunch of new gear, a rack, barbell and some bumper plates.  All Rogue!

Seriously it felt like 120 degrees out there, I am sure it was much cooler but man it was HOT.  We decided up front to keep it simple, moderate weight and since we both need to practice our technique no need to get crazy.

stretching and mobility = about 20 min usual legs, shoulders etc.

Back Squat = 5 x 3
Bar only x 5
75lbs x 10


Overhead Press = 5 x 3
*I did strict press all the way until the last 2, I then had to switch to a push press
Bar only x 5


DONE...get the heck inside where there was AC...and then headed home to take a cold shower and stretch.

Friday, August 23, 2013

Nike Rosherun GPX - Black Tiger Stripe

Nike Rosherun GPX

gotta love the retro style box....this looks so cool.

Nike Rosherun GPX

Nike Rosherun GPX

Definitely light weight and comfy....

Nike Rosherun GPX

Nike Rosherun GPX

detail shot of the shoe's print...

Nike Rosherun GPX

Nike Rosherun GPX

Nike Rosherun GPX

Nike Rosherun GPX

Monday, August 19, 2013

AIR JORDAN Retro IV - Green Glows

Release date August 17, 2013

Unfortunately, they dont really glow...

Big shout out to my homey Delinq for the hook up.  THANK YOU BROTHER for the kind gesture and DOUBLE BOX!

Air Jordan Retro IV - Green Glows

Air Jordan Retro IV - Green Glows

Air Jordan Retro IV - Green Glows

Air Jordan Retro IV - Green Glows

Air Jordan Retro IV - Green Glows

Air Jordan Retro IV - Green Glows

*if any of you readers need any marketing or media help in the PHX Arizona area give my boy a shout.  He specializes in urban lifestyle and culture marketing but of course can do mainstream marketing as well.  If you any projects and need fresh ideas or some help to reach the "cool kids" please give him a shout.  You can say I sent you!  Check out his site at as well as his IG and twitter +Seth P  too!

Coach's BDAY WOD - 08192013

Special day at the old Rosebowl this evening.  We celebrated Coach's birthday today (actual 8/18)!

We decorated the park benches, balloons, gluten free cupcakes, presents and a workout!

jog around park
stretch and mobilty

WOD *we had a choice of 2 workouts, I had to do this one...

75 yard sprint (back and forth = 150 yards)
10 x burpees
5 x pull ups
I was able to complete 8 rounds

Stretch and mobility


Then we all hung around a bit to chit chat and wish Coach a very happy birthday!  He hopefully liked his presents, our coach is a coffee fiend so we got him a cool aeropress coffee press, 2 bags of Peet's fancy whole coffee beans and a gift card to Peets.  Unfortunately, his wife already got him the SAME press...sooo..I guess he has an extra one for travel and just in case the other ever breaks.  Happy Birthday Coach!

Saturday, August 17, 2013

Saturday AM 08172013 WOD

Kinda sunny..and a little hot this morning...I guess it is August right?  No need for vitamin D supplements...not this morning.  Let's get into it..

Slow jog around park
Stretch and Mobility

High Knees
Butt Kicks
Tall Side Shuffles
Hip Twisty Shuffles
Back and Forth - 25 yards


1 x full lap around park @ 100%

50 yard walking lunges

40 x bench dips

20 x bench jumps
*everyone had different numbers of the above dips and jumps, these are mine

2 x of the above

3rd one for me...75 yard sprint @ 100% and back
repeat dips and jumps for my final one.

Stretch and Mobility


I have an afternoon tech session scheduled so did not want to eat heavy, but had to eat home took a COLD shower

since I am too wimpy for an ice bath and drinking some organic almond milk with SFH protein.  Plan on some reading for the next 2 hours before the second workout....RELAX!

Friday, August 16, 2013



Join the Pukie World Order!


My friend recently started a little clothing company for the crossfit/fit crowd...only reason I would say this is because the name of the company refers to a Crossfit term/character.  Because in reality anyone that like super soft t shirts, custom designs and hand crafted artwork will appreciate it!

I was lucky enough to get the shirt I SPECIFICALLY WANTED....because heck that is what I am right? (save your boos)

Check out the little swag pack I got from the PWO!

Seriously, I have a custom barf bag....

cool sticker for my next laptop...

As you can see, the FUN of these shirts is the graphics.  PWO takes old timey images of muscle men, strong men and other archaic images of what muscles and fitness was way back when.  Their culture and brand images all point to the same classic/vintage aesthetic.  Def check out their instagram too for funny images like ads for chest enhancers and pics of strong men lifting cars and stuff.  Pretty fun stuff.

Per my friend, new images and designs are coming on deck shortly so def check it out often even if you dont find something you like now, they have something cool that is for you later on.  

The shirts are American Apparel and a super soft jersey knit and each one is hand silk screened. No machines here, just good ol fashioned blood sweat and tears.

I am looking forward to see the upcoming designs.

Thank you again PWO for the love!  I hope people jump on board to support you!  WOD ON!!!


Monday, August 12, 2013

Monday 08122013 WOD at the Rosebowl

Usual Monday evening we go!

Warm Up
300m Jog and back (600 b+f)
stretch and mobility

300m jog/walk

50 x air squats

300m sprint at 100% back

30 x bench dips

30 x push ups

3 x above

Stretch and Mobility


Saturday, August 10, 2013

Saturday 08102013 WOD

Usual park WOD this AM.

Run 1 lap around park
Stretch and Mobility

100 x burpees - done in under 15 mins.

*everyone else had to 50 burpees and 1 progressively faster run around the park

20 x straight leg lowers
30 x walking lunges with a pause
20 x 1 1/4 squats
20 x jump ups
2 x of the above, rest as needed

Hollow body hold

Stretching and mobility


Monday, August 5, 2013

Rosebowl Monday Workout - 08052013

Had a good workout was very nice!

Still sore from Sunday's not looking forward to a workout.

1 x lap around the park
Stretch and Mobility

25 ft
Walking lunges
High Knees skips
Squat pivot walks
Back and Forth

15-20 min Technique Practice
Pull ups
Bench dips
Regular Dips

Stair Sprints to a jog around - AMRAP
*I had to be a smart ass and say I would do it while carrying a found log.


I did it 2xs with the log and 1 w/o and full speed sprint up the stairs

Stretch and Mobility

That last push was good...I felt good.  The log probably weighed around 40lbs...not sure but I am going to guess that!  Plus a very RARE occurrence, coach actually gave me "extra credit" for my log run.  That was nice.  Felt good.

seems like a recurring theme...

my life so far....

I am getting pretty good at FAILING BETTER.

Sunday, August 4, 2013

D3 "Landmine" WOD - Sunday 08042013 FAIL

Check out the link below.  The "Legendary Competitor" is an organizer of sport events.  Mainly crossfit type events as well as powerlifting and olympic lifting.  They hold several events throughout the year and they run a good show.  My Coach has done it a couple of times as well as a buddy whom I work out with did it last time it was in Monrovia CA.  Check out the one coming up the end of this month.

Look..I am no competitor...obviously.  I cannot do the basic moves at least to count and that is why I am practicing and really trying to stretch and be more mobile.  I looked at the event workout which was just announced and saw that in the D3 or Division 3 category which is specifically for "entry level", they dont use beginner because even to do D3, you need to be safe and know your movements so you can do them and not get hurt.  I took a look at the D3...and kind of...sort of....thought maybe I could do that work out.

Silly me...take a look at the workout, it is called the LANDMINE:

Event 1: Landmine

Time Cap: 12 min

1-2-3-4-5 of Squat Clean Thrusters

Between every set athlete must complete the following round:

D3/ Masters 53+

4 Hand Release Burpees

4 Pullups

12 Air Squats

Weights for Squat Clean Thrusters

D1 185#/105#

D2/ Masters 40-52 155#/ 85#

D3/ Masters 53+ 115#/ 75#

So 115lbs is fairly light for me and only 4 burpees and 4 pull ups I think I can swing that. What had me worried was the air squats.

I got to PSC and began to warm up..

1 x lap around the block
20-30 mins stretching and mobility
- hamstrings
- hips
- shoulders
- front rack specifically

I grabbed the bare bar...45lbs.  Got into the front rack.  Felt OK. I think I actually improved on getting the bar and keeping the bar at that position.  As long as I dont have to do anything.  After a few attempts I got it and did a couple squat thrusters just the bar. DONE!  OK...add some weight.  20lbs.  Now I am at 65lbs.

At 65lbs the front rack is no longer "comfy" my fingers cannot stretch to keep the bar stable as I try to lower myself to the squat.  Again standing upright and keeping the bar seems to have improved but the second I try to lower myself to the bottom of the squat I lose the bar.  Again...after SEVERAL who will be judging me gets frustrated too and tells me to just hold it in front. Not rack it just hold the bar in front of me with my elbows out as much as possible.

Ding ding ding..OK I got it. I was even able to hit depth.
1 x power clean, then squat to thruster
1 x pull up
1 x hand release push up
2 x air squat

Repeat the above this time with 95lbs.

OK add the weight..we going for it.  115lbs on the bar.  12 minutes on the clock.

and off I went.  First 3 were fairly easy.  The 4th was painful...and there was no 5th.


I am thinking maybe if it was a 15 min time cap...I could of done it?  Maybe?
Another thought...I was told by coach to NOT take any sort of Pre Work Out.  I usually take GAT-Nitraflex or BCAAs and Caffeine before intense workouts/class.  I was going to take something before this workout but coach said not to....I need to ask him why not.  Not sure if that would of helped me or not.

Of all the workouts the Crossfit main site posts or the standard set workouts etc, I kinda thought I could do this one. Not like smash the time but honestly thought I could do it in maybe 10 mins.  I know for sure where I can be faster, the pull ups and the air squats.  I was so slow on those, it ate my time up for the squat thrusters.

At the bare minimum I have a couple take a ways. I have finally reached a "decent" air squat. My front rack has improved like crazy as well as my pull ups,.  Can I do a front squat nope..can I string like 5 pull ups together yet NO.  But...there is a light at the end of this tunnel. I felt it this afternoon, finally pulling my chin over that bar...and feeling my elbows go farther forward than they have ever and feeling a little tinge of comfort as the bar sat across my throat and shoulders.  I actually felt the position...CRAZY.  Last but not least the air takes a lot of stretching to get it...but I can do it...I can cycle through, not fast like the pros but fast enough for future workouts for sure.

Am I happy? I at least have some take a I guess that is all you can do sometimes.

Saturday, August 3, 2013

Saturday 08032013 WOD in the Park

Kinda cool this morning in So Cal. Cloudy overcast-ish.  Actually better for working not drenched in sweat from the warm up!  Let's kick it..

Stretching, mainly lower body. Hips, calves, glutes hams etc.


Run 1 lap around park

50 x

1 1/4 Squats
*look its an Asian guy!

Jumping squats

Box jumps/jump ups

Run 1 lap

30 x all of above

Run 1 lap

10 x all of above

Then rest for a couple of minutes and finish with...

10 x 10 of hand release push ups = 100

Stretch and done.

Thursday, August 1, 2013

Catch up post - 0727-0729-0801

Missing a bunch of tonight is catch up.

Saturday 0727

Coach had us all take a nice long walk this weekend to think, focus and just move.
I walked to Snap Fitness, door to door is 1.5 miles.  Stretched and then walked back.  3 miles total.
On Sunday, I joined a fellow classmate and walked/hiked about an hour in this park nearby the house.  So it was a nice weekend that was full of walking and moving.

Monday 0729
Run one lap around Rosebowl park area.

25 yards
High knees
Butt kicks back
2 x

Side shuffles low b+f

Increasing speed jog 50 yards
10 x jump ups
10 x each leg split squats
3 xs above
Increasing jog back

Increasing speed jog 50 yards
10 x jumps
5 x each leg split squats w a 2 sec hold at the bottom
3 xs above
Increasing jog back

15 x air squats *concentrate on depth and explosive hips to upright
5 x pull ups
2 x above


Thursday 0801
This evening I went over for a technique session.
Run 1 "short" lap around garage

Stretch and Mobility = 20 mins
*This graphic is wrong 30 secs dont do crap...i have to hold this for 2 mins...longest 2 mins ever...and my leg is not even 100% straight...this stretch sucks.

Ham strings


Air Squats = 15 mins
Sitting at bottom, chest up, hips forward
Practice technique, stretch ankles, calves and position

Back Squats @ 135lbs *high bar variation
3 x 2 to establish range of movement and depth
3 x 2 slow to depth with 2 sec pause at bottom (barefoot)
1 x 5 slow to depth (barefoot)

Cool down
slow row for 5 min @ 3 setting
approx 850m

Assisted bottom of squat hold - 1 min

holding on to something for support, sit at bottom and really stretch lower back

the goal is one day sit like this with EASE....

Tonight felt good, still painful but again I think this is the most I have ever hit depth before ever.  Def helps to sit in it for a bit so I can muscle memory how it feels plus helps with the drive up and get me stronger.  Towards the end I felt myself leaning forward a bunch so I am sure my chest was too low, but at this point, hitting depth seems to take precedent so I get a pass for my torso.  I also FEEL like I am hyper extending my back (lower back feels strain) but I am merely getting into a "normal" position. really feels like I am just arched all wrong when in fact I am just there.  Anyways..these sessions are pretty good for me and I think its helping for sure.  Still have to work on front rack and see if I can hold 135lbs in a front rack. I think I can..I was going to try this evening but was  Chicken over here.

This weekend I have something planned.  I am going to attempt a modified NLI workout called the LANDMINE.  We shall see how it goes..more info as I get closer and try it.

It is 1030PM and I need to rumble roll my quads and calves before bed...or I wont walk tomorrow.  Good night dear readers!

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