Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Tuesday Movement Practice - 07232013 WOD

In the ongoing effort to help me move better and actually get to lift some weight again...I have continued to just stretch and mobilize and work on assistance moves to eventually get to a place where I am allowed to lift weight again.  Slow progress but last week some progress was seen and made.  Read a few posts down if you missed it..but I was able to hit depth (after 30 mins of stretching) and got my front rack to a decent place. Not great but decent...so today was more of the same...movement and practice and assistance work.

Warm up - 10 mins brisk walk around 5-5.5 mph

As RXed I was SUPPOSED to walk up an incline while holding dumbells, 1 min at a time.  These stupid machines TURN OFF after a minute if they dont sense any weight on them.  So WTF I couldnt do the dame work out!  It went like this...

Walk @ 2.0
Incline @ 9.0
2 mins to get used to it...stepped off to get DBs.


grabbed a pair of 25lb weights...restarted everything...off I went.
1 minute on

finished got off...carried the DBs back came back with a set of 30lbs.


restarted AGAIN...1 min on

MACHINE TURNS OFF as I was resting to do my second set.  I gave up. Put the weights back...and just did this:

10 mins
Walking @ 2.5
Incline @ 12.0
*focused on heel to toe walking

2 min cool down @ 5.0 incline
2 min cool down @ 0.0 incline

Pull Ups - 10 x 3 total of 30

Powell raises - 3 x 8

Dumbbell External Rotation
20lbs/25lbs - HEAVY FAIL
had to drop down to 15lbs to finish

Wall Stretches 2 mins each
Happy Baby/Lotus/V Splits

Toes to Bar
5 x 5
*worked on form and getting the kip/momentum correct...need to practice a better grip.  Too tight it hurts too loose and well you lose it.  T2B you need the grip strong but able to rotate...need to figure that part out. i was placing a death grip like a pull up and just thrashing my hands.

Front rack stretch
found a good use for the smith rack, I can get the bar behind neck and really work on rotating my shoulders and stretching.  Since it is on sliders the bar doesnt move so I get a good rotation and stretch.  good stuff, definitely have to do more of those.  Spent about 3-4 minute here and split.


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