Sunday, July 14, 2013

Sunday WOD - 07142013

Had coach send me my marching orders and I headed to LA Fitness to make use of the final couple weeks left on my membership.  Carpooled with my sister so I had to get this done, plus tonight is family dinner so wanted to get this done in time for that too! Here is what I had to do...

WARM UP *my own
10 x each leg step ups to bench

Weighted "Heavy" step ups - I have heavy in quotes as it was supposed to be heavy but I doubt it was heavy to anyone else but me....I see where coach was going with this workout.  Talk about killing 2 birds with 1 stone or 1 exercise in this case.  This is tailored made for what I need to do/work on

16/leg x 4
Dumbell weights obviously in each hand..duh
50lbs 1/2 remaining 45lbs

I struggled with this, first the bench I used is the one where people use to lift on so it is cushioned.  The gym does not have platforms or even steps to use near the weight room.  The cushion/spongey bench was not the best thing this elephant should be stepping on with weights in each hand.  Also...duh I have BAD FEET.  I really felt like a circus bear stomping up and down that bench huffing and bueno.  I had to break these up 4x4 or 3 then 3 then 4 etc.  It was tough...and my grip was giving up on me.  Again...I know exactly what coach was trying to do with this...he succeeded.  ugh...

DB External Rotation

3 x 8 I used a 10lb dumbbell the whole thing.

Powell Raises

3 x 8 used the same 10lbs weight. With this one, I probably could of used a 15 or even a 20lb.  But since this was my first time doing them and again, I know exactly why I am doing these, I wanted to focus on the movement and really work the mechanics of it correctly, rather than gorilla it up.

Pull Ups
10 x 3
so I did a total of 30 pull ups.  First few felt and looked great...towards the end the circus bear was back...I got them done but it sure wasnt pretty.

Toes to Bar - aka T2B

7 x 5
these sucked even more. I was rocking the whole apparatus and probably looked like a flailing walrus.

First couple were done correctly....again towards the end I had to break them up and again not very pretty at all.

Double Under practice - 10 mins

as a cool down I walked into one of the racket ball rooms as it was cool, semi quiet and has the wooden gym floor so I could use my rope and not damage it.  At my best, I could string like 2-3 DUs.  Like all things, when you dont practice you dont do it.  I may have to just let coach know I did 10 mins of singles...cuz there was nary a DU in that room. I think I may have gotten 1 or 2. Thats it...again, need to practice these.

Today's workout was good and the second I read it I knew exactly why I was to perform each thing. It is the custom made movements that address my specific weaknesses and how to fix them.  This is the thing you cannot get from a book or have Joe Personal Trainer working at Globo Gym try to "program" for you...and I use that term loosely.  I think alot of time, you work out or get some advice from someone, and you do it and dont even know why.  Plus you are probably doing it wrong.  Today I saw 2 sets of teens...probably in High School.  One set of about 4...were doing lateral raises with 5lb plates while standing in a 1/4 squat on a bosu.  Seriously.  WTF are you doing?  Lateral raises on a bosu?  Second group of kids were doing "speed deadlifts" and switching grips in between each one.  Lift, drop the weight, switch grip, lift, drop the weight switch grip etc.  I am called TURTLE because of my rounded back..but these kids were worst than form, just banging the bar.  Then they walked over and proceeded to do dumbbell swings, hinging their back, no hip explosion at all and just asking for back pain.  I just had to do my own thing and let it all happen.

My point is once I received the workout and actually UNDERSTOOD made doing it that much better. I was completely on board and bought into it.  Sometimes I get a workout and I see the basic reasoning and I know why...but I am not on board...I am feeling lazy and make excuses on why I dont need to do this movement.  It is much harder to do a movement when I am not feeling it and dont really see the immediate benefit.

I guess all I am saying is as tough is this WOD was today, I understood everything and why I had to do it, so I did it.

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