Saturday, July 20, 2013

S&M Plus Technique - 07202013

2nd Workout for today...

Went back in to see coach this afternoon.  Already had my great workout this morning, but I try to squeeze in a couple more session outside of the normal classes to work on my specific needs and goals.

1500M @ 7.5 setting - 7:00
Probably one of my fast times for a 1500. I pushed it a little too hard at the end to make the time and got in trouble for being "out of breath."  Again for those keeping score, a warm up is to do just that. Warm your body up, get your muscles moving, blood flowing, heat beating etc.  You are not supposed to be spent on a warm up...OK? ok..

S&M - Stretching and Mobility - 30-45 minutes
Been very consistent on my own...stretching the usual.
Hip flexors, external rotation added

Coach came in and made my cry and tap out to get my hamstrings "activated" enough to make any sort of difference.  Lots of band work. 2 minutes for each that is the key time it takes for soft tissue manipulation and release.  So when you are stretching for 10 seconds before your hit a workout or go play basketball, you are not doing enough or anything at all really.

Once my lower body was warm -


Deep air squats for test..then re test...and test again.

Did a few at speed, bounce from bottom and w/o bounce. Chest up, arms forward.

Moving Weight....had a light bar to get some load and see if I can hit depth.

Women's bar @ 35lbs with 30lb about 65lbs.
deep squats -  2 x 3

@ 125lbs
4 x 5
Again concentrating on feet flat, chest up and hitting depth. Use a med ball to measure depth to make sure I was breaking parallel and then without the ball.  Using muscle memory to FEEL the squat at the bottom and standing back up.


I need to look like this...LOL

Using the loaded bar...
Behind back hands in position and stretching the elbows out and wrists etc.

Then going proper front rack and holding position for 5-10 seconds
3 x

*Aha moment came when coach told me to STOP SHRUGGING my traps and shoulders.  Under load and being scared of dropping the weight I would rack the bar and then shrug my shoulders hoping to not drop the weight.  But once I got the bar in proper height on my delts where I am "choking myself" with the bar, relaxing my shoulders I was able to achieve a not quite perfect but better than ever front rack position.  Definitely a big I will definitely practice these moving forward until I can get it every time and then maybe I will get to clean or front squat some actual weight....we shall see!

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