Monday, July 22, 2013

Running sucks 07222013 WOD

Monday WOD at the Rosebowl. perfect weather. A little warm but with a cool breeze.

We did extra stretching today...I wonder why.
Extra stretch, extra mobility
100 x air squats - 10 x 10 *done at depth and with full hip open at the top, NOT speed squats.

Run 1.5 Miles  UGH!

Rest of class did the Rosebowl 5K loop. I only could handle half of that so I ran 3/4 a mile and back.  Run and Jog...not a full run.

50 x hand release push ups - 25/10/7/8

15 x each side - Turkish Get Ups

*no weight used, focus on mobility and moving

Stretch and Done

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