Thursday, July 11, 2013

My Love Letter to Pacific Rim and The Conjuring

I am probably biased a little...ok a lot. For the last 2 months, I had the very fortunate opportunity to consult with the Warner Bros, Advance Digital Team.  While there I was able to work on some AMAZING films off their very large slate.  My first project was the tail end of The Great Gatsby. I was then able to work on The Hangover 3 and The Man of Steel.  I am very proud of the work I was able to contribute to those films....but...the two movies, I was only able to touch for a bit are the 2 that I LOVED THE MOST.  Definitely the best films I have personally seen this year...I know we are only in July so I can say that pretty confidently...I really really really LOVED....  PACIFIC RIM and THE CONJURING


Timing is great as the movie opens tomorrow. I remember stating in a staff meeting that I actually liked Pac Rim MORE than Man of Steel.  People laughed and probably thought I was being crazy. No way...Man of Steel is Man of Steel!  But I stand by my opinion.  This movie speaks to a certain fan and age range. I am NOT a Sci Fi geek or fan. I have never watched BSG or Dr. Who or any of the super fan boy films outside of Star Wars.  But this film right here...was almost custom made for ME. I grew up LOVING Godzilla movies.  My favorite monster/kaiju of all time is Gamera!  The flying turtle that breaths fire and can fly by spinning turbo flames out of his arm/feet holes!  He is a saber tooth space turtle that is a hero to kids! Come on!  I also loved King Ghidora the 3 headed dragon that Godzilla had to fight.  I remember watching these movies as a kid and drawing pictures and just loving how these monsters were fighting.  Even as an adult, I know there is a little Japanese man inside that costume, I still loved it.  Same time..came the robots.  I rushed home from school everyday to watch ROBOTECH...and VOLTRON   All those super cool old school Japanese cartoons like SPACESHIP YAMATO and even G FORCE aka Gatchaman...all spoke to a kid like me.  Plus..who could forget Johnny Sakko and his GIANT ROBOT...that thing had a king tut head dress on!

This is Guillermo's ode to his own fan boy loves. I appreciate it. Giant monsters with specific abilities and powers.  Human made robots with special features too and they fight and mankind's hope is if we can defeat and destroy not only the monsters but the doorway that they keep coming through we will survive!  I saw the film at a screening on the WB lot but I would recco this to be seen on as big a screen as your pocketbook can afford.  Early word says the 3D is also great, but I was never a fan of 3D movies but I can say this movie needs to be seen BIG..and LOUD.  The WB screening room had it in full digital and the sound was TURNT UP baby and it rocked me.  The characters and side stories are all great and not even distracting.  Usually, they just put some weird love story and some other typical elements into a film just to make the script complete. I pretty much didn't care. I just wanted to see the robots kick ass.  The movie was pure fun..and I bought into it.  That is another thing Pacific Rim does..and I have to agree 100% with's review of the movie.  As soon as the movie starts they explain what has been happening to get you caught up.  Once you are caught BELIEVE buy into it.  Once you see that this "new world" where we are threatened by monsters is REAL...everything that comes with it is awesome.  See this movie..and see it BIG and LOUD and just enjoy it.  Popcorn and soda at your side is optional!!!


Sadly, I was unable to get to work deep on this film.  I had my own personal reasons to LOVE this film.  #1 the director James Wan is a Malaysian CHINESE director.  I always try to support my Asian peeps in Hollywood.  Wan made his mark as one of the OG "Splat Pack" with his early films SAW and INSIDIOUS etc.  But this movie...could be his crown achievement so far.  Please note, he also completed INSIDIOUS 2 and is set to direct FAST and FURIOUS 7.  So bravo to my brother...doing thangs and getting us Asian peeps some props in Hollywood!

Last night as one of my last perks of working on the film, I was able to attend a midnight screening of the film at the Regal Theaters in LA LIVE.  I got VIP seating and got to see it in a FULL theater with mostly young kids which worked out just great as we wanted lots of tweets and buzz and posts and check ins last night.  I think it worked as I could see phones and people clicking around all through the theater.  They also gave away a "Demon Protection Kit."  I was in those planning meetings and knew exactly what was inside.  A bottle of holy water, a rosary and a prayer card.  Very appropriate and makes for even more of a scare.

I am probably going to repeat myself to any friends that have seen my recent posts...but this movie delivers on the hype.  The fact is this..and I feel like a broken record saying it.  This movie got an R rating...with ZERO boobs or sex, no chainsaws or decapitated body parts, no gore or gross out moments.  It has a few BOOM scares but Wan does them expertly..where I was actually sitting in the seat WAITING for it..and STILL GOT SCARED.  The greatness of the film is you expect it..then you see it..and then you are still freaked out.  How can anyone pull that off?  Wan does.  Plus being that all of this "actually" happened makes it all the better.  I like a good scary movie..and truth is there hasnt been many of those.  Plus one that has an R rating...and delivers?  Come on...I would highly recommend this movie as well...and to any one curious about it...def go see it.  It is not a slasher film and it is not a typical "possession" film like all the rest they keep churning out.

I loved these two films..and urge all 8 of my readers to go see it and tell a friend! =)

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