Monday, July 15, 2013

Monday Rosebowl WOD - 07152013

I was late this afternoon and only missed the run...NO me.

Got in to stretch and begin the workout.

Stretch and Mobility
Air Squats, Push Ups and various stretching


50 yard UPHILL SPRINTS *ugh
Walk back down
10 x burpees at the top
20 x air squats at the bottom

I was able to complete 5 of these.

Did an additional 3 more BUT...had now we had to pick it up and JOG back down, NO WALKING.

8 total of the was brutal.  But everyone agreed it was a great workout and something you would NEVER do on your own. Running in the sun and heat UPHILL and not jogging..running like 90% effort.  It sucked..and the burpees on top? was crazy.

Cool down walk back down and we all went sleep.

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