Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Monday 07082013 WOD - back at the Rosebowl

Since the highschool is renovating their track...looks like the rest of the summer we will be at the Rose Bowl.

One thing...I am not sure if people know just how big the park and area around the Rosebowl is and has to offer.  I have lived in the area for pretty much my whole life and been to the Rosebowl many times.  But...there is so much area that people can hike, walk or play or workout etc all around the bowl.  People probably should take a longer walk, run, drive around and really see what else is out there.

We meet in front of the KID SPACE MUSEUM sign and basically use the whole rear park area.

Anyways...here is what we did.

Long jog
Stretch and mobility

Hill sprint
Jumps/step ups
50 x bench dips or push up *any combination, broken up anyway
rest as needed
2 rounds completed....*last set coach had me do push up variables instead of bench dips.  Wide push ups, close grip/diamond push ups and normal push ups. 15/15/20

20 x pull ups
any combination and rest as needed

Stretch and done

Last note about this workout. Since we were able to use the whole park the run and hill sprint presented some extra challenges.  It was up, dirt and uneven.  I think that was a great part of this workout.  Running/jogging on uneven surfaces.  Made you work a little harder for balance and coordination...at least for me.  Running up a dirt, rocky, uneven hill was very cool and different and running around the different elevated grassy hills was cool too.  Just something different!

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