Thursday, July 25, 2013

Kettlebell Thursday WOD 07252013

Yay!  The Reebok Crossfit Games are happening this weekend!  I remember the first time I went and had a blast. It was like comic con for fitness.  It was quite an experience.  Since then I have been unable to attend...last year it was CRAZY EXPENSIVE...and this year it was CRAZY EXPENSIVE AND SOLD OUT to boot!  Anyways...needless to say I am not going.  But coach is going so he had to adjust the workouts to accommodate his absence this weekend...thus another special edition Thursday WOD!

*I arrived a little early so I can get extra warmed up and stretch a little before class started.
ROW 1500M
Shaved off a second!  Did it in 6:59 and was going or trying to be steady with my cadence and just not going crazy with it.  It is just a warm up, so had to focus and just keep it steady.

Run 1 lap around the block
20 x 1 1/4 squats
30 x Walking Lunges
40 x sit ups
@ 80% for 3 rounds
*again this is a warm up, so going through all the above at a 'comfy' pace is critical.

Kettlebell Workout!!!

Partner workouts and we used 1.5 pood aka 53 lbs

1st Set
Partner 1
3 x swing
3 x snatch
3 x clean
3 x press
3 x squat
One Arm  - Switch Partner 2
Partner 2 goes...and then repeat with other arm, back and forth
AMRAP for set time
I was able to get through 4 rotations

2nd set
Partner 1
10 x swings with goblet squat
5 x clean and press each arm
Switch - Partner 2
AMRAP - for set time
Got through 2 rotations

Kettlebell swings to chin
I got 43.
I would of or could of squeeked out a couple more but got distracted and lost it....I was hoping to go to 50.

Stretch and Mobility

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