Sunday, July 7, 2013

Friday 07052013 and Saturday 07062013 Workouts

Got real busy with errands and attending a dual wedding on Saturday so I was unable to post the previous workouts...but here ya go!

FRIDAY - 07052013
Because of the long holiday weekend the usual class on Friday happened at the PSC gym, therefore I was able to attend this one!

run around the block
3x - various stretches and mobility movements

2 Minutes at each station - partner workout 2 people per station
- Rope Climb/Rings
*no I cannot climb a rope...we just practiced some technique and tried to hold and pull ourselves up a couple was NOT easy.
Toes to rings I can kind of do...not alot but I can do like 3 of them....

- 20lb med ball throws ala wall ball style

- Airdyne sprints
*seriously...have any of you reading this been on one of these?  Only the DEVIL would create something so evil and pure pain. I swear 1 minute on the airdyne can kill you.  It is so hard, and sucks the life out of you!  I hate this...hate it hate it hate it.  Give me a Concept 2 rower any day.  UGH!

- KB swing x 10 switch and the KB swing into a goblet squat @ 53lb KB

- 2ft broad jump

2 x around

stretch and mobility...DONE.

SATURDAY - 07062013
Gorgeous usual morning at the park!


These are fun...

Bear Crawls 50 ft back and forth
15 sit ups
Bear Crawls back and forth
20 sit ups
Bear Crawels back and forth
25 sit ups

60ft Walking Lunges
Jog remaining 50ft
15 x bench dips
15 x step ups/jump
Jog back to start
10 x sit to stands aka deck squats

Rest between 30 sec - 1 min and repeat

I was able to complete 3 rounds

Cool down lap - jog

Stretch and Mobility DONE!


Keira Martins said...

Great blog! Liked the way the exercises are divided between two days. Thanks for sharing

20lb Wall Ball

Irving Der said...

thanks Keira, very happy you are happy! Been off a little bit but hoping to get back on track shortly. Hope you keep coming back!