Thursday, July 18, 2013

07182013 WOD Rope Climb and Almost Deck Squat!

Coach is out of town tomorrow so we had a special edition Thursday workout this evening.  It was in it is what we did...or I did as we had some choices towards the end:

Stretch and Mobility

*just for me....everyone else did 2 laps around the block while I did...

3 min max calories on... sucked.

I got 53 calories in 3 mins.

Every 1:15 alternating

carrying this...

Weighted walking lunges w a kettlebell in the front rack position @ 70lbs
10 x
Overhead press
10 x

10 x

3 rounds of the above
* I only completed the 1st was too hard. I would get 5 lunges in the 1:15...It was way heavy. It was very heavy. I was unable to complete the workout as rxed.

rest for 3-5 minutes

Choice of WOD for remaining time...
Repeat the above or...
Run 1 lap + 20 x burpees

I did not have a choice, I had to repeat the workout...

Weighted Walking Lunges @ 53lbs  *I got to lower the was hard. It was a little easier I was able to finish the lunges but never got to the overhead presses.

Pull Ups
10 x 3 for a total of 30

The rest of the class got to practice rope climbs.  Some of my classmates actually climbed it to the top!  Definitely people were practicing the technique. I skipped it...I had to do my pull ups.


Extra credit - I practiced Deck Squats.

I was able to get a couple without using my hands.  It was not pretty and I did lose my balance BUT I did do a few.  What was funny is Coach knew immediately what I was doing.  He saw the same video I saw which was the reason why I was practicing.  I guess it was that obvious!  I thought that was pretty funny...but I am inspired to keep practicing and trying to get these correct.  The fact I was able to stand was a nice win for me.

Here is demo:

Guess what my workout is tomorrow?  YUP...heavy walking lunges and pull ups....starting to see a pattern here? sucks.

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