Thursday, July 25, 2013

Kettlebell Thursday WOD 07252013

Yay!  The Reebok Crossfit Games are happening this weekend!  I remember the first time I went and had a blast. It was like comic con for fitness.  It was quite an experience.  Since then I have been unable to attend...last year it was CRAZY EXPENSIVE...and this year it was CRAZY EXPENSIVE AND SOLD OUT to boot!  Anyways...needless to say I am not going.  But coach is going so he had to adjust the workouts to accommodate his absence this weekend...thus another special edition Thursday WOD!

*I arrived a little early so I can get extra warmed up and stretch a little before class started.
ROW 1500M
Shaved off a second!  Did it in 6:59 and was going or trying to be steady with my cadence and just not going crazy with it.  It is just a warm up, so had to focus and just keep it steady.

Run 1 lap around the block
20 x 1 1/4 squats
30 x Walking Lunges
40 x sit ups
@ 80% for 3 rounds
*again this is a warm up, so going through all the above at a 'comfy' pace is critical.

Kettlebell Workout!!!

Partner workouts and we used 1.5 pood aka 53 lbs

1st Set
Partner 1
3 x swing
3 x snatch
3 x clean
3 x press
3 x squat
One Arm  - Switch Partner 2
Partner 2 goes...and then repeat with other arm, back and forth
AMRAP for set time
I was able to get through 4 rotations

2nd set
Partner 1
10 x swings with goblet squat
5 x clean and press each arm
Switch - Partner 2
AMRAP - for set time
Got through 2 rotations

Kettlebell swings to chin
I got 43.
I would of or could of squeeked out a couple more but got distracted and lost it....I was hoping to go to 50.

Stretch and Mobility

Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Tuesday Movement Practice - 07232013 WOD

In the ongoing effort to help me move better and actually get to lift some weight again...I have continued to just stretch and mobilize and work on assistance moves to eventually get to a place where I am allowed to lift weight again.  Slow progress but last week some progress was seen and made.  Read a few posts down if you missed it..but I was able to hit depth (after 30 mins of stretching) and got my front rack to a decent place. Not great but today was more of the same...movement and practice and assistance work.

Warm up - 10 mins brisk walk around 5-5.5 mph

As RXed I was SUPPOSED to walk up an incline while holding dumbells, 1 min at a time.  These stupid machines TURN OFF after a minute if they dont sense any weight on them.  So WTF I couldnt do the dame work out!  It went like this...

Walk @ 2.0
Incline @ 9.0
2 mins to get used to it...stepped off to get DBs.


grabbed a pair of 25lb weights...restarted I went.
1 minute on

finished got off...carried the DBs back came back with a set of 30lbs.


restarted AGAIN...1 min on

MACHINE TURNS OFF as I was resting to do my second set.  I gave up. Put the weights back...and just did this:

10 mins
Walking @ 2.5
Incline @ 12.0
*focused on heel to toe walking

2 min cool down @ 5.0 incline
2 min cool down @ 0.0 incline

Pull Ups - 10 x 3 total of 30

Powell raises - 3 x 8

Dumbbell External Rotation
20lbs/25lbs - HEAVY FAIL
had to drop down to 15lbs to finish

Wall Stretches 2 mins each
Happy Baby/Lotus/V Splits

Toes to Bar
5 x 5
*worked on form and getting the kip/momentum correct...need to practice a better grip.  Too tight it hurts too loose and well you lose it.  T2B you need the grip strong but able to rotate...need to figure that part out. i was placing a death grip like a pull up and just thrashing my hands.

Front rack stretch
found a good use for the smith rack, I can get the bar behind neck and really work on rotating my shoulders and stretching.  Since it is on sliders the bar doesnt move so I get a good rotation and stretch.  good stuff, definitely have to do more of those.  Spent about 3-4 minute here and split.


Monday, July 22, 2013

Running sucks 07222013 WOD

Monday WOD at the Rosebowl. perfect weather. A little warm but with a cool breeze.

We did extra stretching today...I wonder why.
Extra stretch, extra mobility
100 x air squats - 10 x 10 *done at depth and with full hip open at the top, NOT speed squats.

Run 1.5 Miles  UGH!

Rest of class did the Rosebowl 5K loop. I only could handle half of that so I ran 3/4 a mile and back.  Run and Jog...not a full run.

50 x hand release push ups - 25/10/7/8

15 x each side - Turkish Get Ups

*no weight used, focus on mobility and moving

Stretch and Done

Saturday, July 20, 2013

S&M Plus Technique - 07202013

2nd Workout for today...

Went back in to see coach this afternoon.  Already had my great workout this morning, but I try to squeeze in a couple more session outside of the normal classes to work on my specific needs and goals.

1500M @ 7.5 setting - 7:00
Probably one of my fast times for a 1500. I pushed it a little too hard at the end to make the time and got in trouble for being "out of breath."  Again for those keeping score, a warm up is to do just that. Warm your body up, get your muscles moving, blood flowing, heat beating etc.  You are not supposed to be spent on a warm up...OK? ok..

S&M - Stretching and Mobility - 30-45 minutes
Been very consistent on my own...stretching the usual.
Hip flexors, external rotation added

Coach came in and made my cry and tap out to get my hamstrings "activated" enough to make any sort of difference.  Lots of band work. 2 minutes for each that is the key time it takes for soft tissue manipulation and release.  So when you are stretching for 10 seconds before your hit a workout or go play basketball, you are not doing enough or anything at all really.

Once my lower body was warm -


Deep air squats for test..then re test...and test again.

Did a few at speed, bounce from bottom and w/o bounce. Chest up, arms forward.

Moving Weight....had a light bar to get some load and see if I can hit depth.

Women's bar @ 35lbs with 30lb about 65lbs.
deep squats -  2 x 3

@ 125lbs
4 x 5
Again concentrating on feet flat, chest up and hitting depth. Use a med ball to measure depth to make sure I was breaking parallel and then without the ball.  Using muscle memory to FEEL the squat at the bottom and standing back up.


I need to look like this...LOL

Using the loaded bar...
Behind back hands in position and stretching the elbows out and wrists etc.

Then going proper front rack and holding position for 5-10 seconds
3 x

*Aha moment came when coach told me to STOP SHRUGGING my traps and shoulders.  Under load and being scared of dropping the weight I would rack the bar and then shrug my shoulders hoping to not drop the weight.  But once I got the bar in proper height on my delts where I am "choking myself" with the bar, relaxing my shoulders I was able to achieve a not quite perfect but better than ever front rack position.  Definitely a big I will definitely practice these moving forward until I can get it every time and then maybe I will get to clean or front squat some actual weight....we shall see!

Saturday at the park - 07202013 WOD

Headed to the park this fine morning for the usual AM workout...I have to say my complete lower body and my shoulders are sore from my last couple workouts and all the stretching am doing.

Stretch and Mobility
High skips for 20 yards + jog
Jog back
Bounds for 20 yards + jog
Jog back
Stretch more

1 long lap run
30 x air squats

30 x jumping squats

*this was for me, the rest of the class had walking lunges and jumping lunges. I had to sub because of pain I was having from yesterday.


1 long lap run
30 x burpees
30 x deck squats
30 x air squats
30 x jumping squats


1 long lap run
20 x sit ups
40 x crunches (straight leg or table top)
20 x hand release push ups
15 x burpees
15 x deck squats
30 x air squats
30 x jumping squats


Side Plank Holds

1 min each side

Stretch and mobility


Friday, July 19, 2013

07192013 Simple WOD

Had a great workout yesterday so went in for a little more practice on my movements.

light stretch
10 x walking lunges

*almost the same workout as earlier this week...changed out that step up with walking lunges

Weighted Walking Lunges
16/leg x 4 - 30lbs, 35lbs, 40lbs
*last set no weight - started feeling some pain so wanted to chill a little.

Dumbbell External Rotator
3 sets of 8
15lbs, 20 lbs, 25lbs

Pull Ups
10 x 3 for a total of 30

Powell Raises
3 sets of 8
15lbs, 20lbs, 25lbs
*last set was very hard...the 25lbs was challenging. I am going to use this weight as a base next time to get stronger.

Remaining 20 mins - stretching

using a wall...and scooting my butt flush I did 2 min stretches with:
lotus position
happy baby
v split

Banded stretches
hips and ankles


Thursday, July 18, 2013

07182013 WOD Rope Climb and Almost Deck Squat!

Coach is out of town tomorrow so we had a special edition Thursday workout this evening.  It was in it is what we did...or I did as we had some choices towards the end:

Stretch and Mobility

*just for me....everyone else did 2 laps around the block while I did...

3 min max calories on... sucked.

I got 53 calories in 3 mins.

Every 1:15 alternating

carrying this...

Weighted walking lunges w a kettlebell in the front rack position @ 70lbs
10 x
Overhead press
10 x

10 x

3 rounds of the above
* I only completed the 1st was too hard. I would get 5 lunges in the 1:15...It was way heavy. It was very heavy. I was unable to complete the workout as rxed.

rest for 3-5 minutes

Choice of WOD for remaining time...
Repeat the above or...
Run 1 lap + 20 x burpees

I did not have a choice, I had to repeat the workout...

Weighted Walking Lunges @ 53lbs  *I got to lower the was hard. It was a little easier I was able to finish the lunges but never got to the overhead presses.

Pull Ups
10 x 3 for a total of 30

The rest of the class got to practice rope climbs.  Some of my classmates actually climbed it to the top!  Definitely people were practicing the technique. I skipped it...I had to do my pull ups.


Extra credit - I practiced Deck Squats.

I was able to get a couple without using my hands.  It was not pretty and I did lose my balance BUT I did do a few.  What was funny is Coach knew immediately what I was doing.  He saw the same video I saw which was the reason why I was practicing.  I guess it was that obvious!  I thought that was pretty funny...but I am inspired to keep practicing and trying to get these correct.  The fact I was able to stand was a nice win for me.

Here is demo:

Guess what my workout is tomorrow?  YUP...heavy walking lunges and pull ups....starting to see a pattern here? sucks.

Monday, July 15, 2013

Monday Rosebowl WOD - 07152013

I was late this afternoon and only missed the run...NO me.

Got in to stretch and begin the workout.

Stretch and Mobility
Air Squats, Push Ups and various stretching


50 yard UPHILL SPRINTS *ugh
Walk back down
10 x burpees at the top
20 x air squats at the bottom

I was able to complete 5 of these.

Did an additional 3 more BUT...had now we had to pick it up and JOG back down, NO WALKING.

8 total of the was brutal.  But everyone agreed it was a great workout and something you would NEVER do on your own. Running in the sun and heat UPHILL and not jogging..running like 90% effort.  It sucked..and the burpees on top? was crazy.

Cool down walk back down and we all went sleep.

Aloha Cafe in DTLA *update*

Just got an update from the people at Aloha Cafe in the Little Tokyo area of DTLA.

They just revamped their site and now offer online ordering for pickup via the site on your desktop or off your smart phone.  Check it out..

Definitely makes your Hawaiian food runs much easier to order via your phone and then pick up.  It is a good option as the parking situation there can get hectic...I mean it is DTLA.

I have not been back here is a bit, I did my first post about this place in 2009.

My friend Rob is a hamburger steak connoisseur and he approves of this place.  Heck I need to go back now...maybe for dinner I can grab a loco moco and a spam musubi.  mmmm....anyways...the hours are a little tough for us working folks but give it a try if you are in the area.  I definitely rank it with the other only a couple of places in the NON Torrance/Gardena area for good Hawaiian food.

Sunday, July 14, 2013

Sunday WOD - 07142013

Had coach send me my marching orders and I headed to LA Fitness to make use of the final couple weeks left on my membership.  Carpooled with my sister so I had to get this done, plus tonight is family dinner so wanted to get this done in time for that too! Here is what I had to do...

WARM UP *my own
10 x each leg step ups to bench

Weighted "Heavy" step ups - I have heavy in quotes as it was supposed to be heavy but I doubt it was heavy to anyone else but me....I see where coach was going with this workout.  Talk about killing 2 birds with 1 stone or 1 exercise in this case.  This is tailored made for what I need to do/work on

16/leg x 4
Dumbell weights obviously in each hand..duh
50lbs 1/2 remaining 45lbs

I struggled with this, first the bench I used is the one where people use to lift on so it is cushioned.  The gym does not have platforms or even steps to use near the weight room.  The cushion/spongey bench was not the best thing this elephant should be stepping on with weights in each hand.  Also...duh I have BAD FEET.  I really felt like a circus bear stomping up and down that bench huffing and bueno.  I had to break these up 4x4 or 3 then 3 then 4 etc.  It was tough...and my grip was giving up on me.  Again...I know exactly what coach was trying to do with this...he succeeded.  ugh...

DB External Rotation

3 x 8 I used a 10lb dumbbell the whole thing.

Powell Raises

3 x 8 used the same 10lbs weight. With this one, I probably could of used a 15 or even a 20lb.  But since this was my first time doing them and again, I know exactly why I am doing these, I wanted to focus on the movement and really work the mechanics of it correctly, rather than gorilla it up.

Pull Ups
10 x 3
so I did a total of 30 pull ups.  First few felt and looked great...towards the end the circus bear was back...I got them done but it sure wasnt pretty.

Toes to Bar - aka T2B

7 x 5
these sucked even more. I was rocking the whole apparatus and probably looked like a flailing walrus.

First couple were done correctly....again towards the end I had to break them up and again not very pretty at all.

Double Under practice - 10 mins

as a cool down I walked into one of the racket ball rooms as it was cool, semi quiet and has the wooden gym floor so I could use my rope and not damage it.  At my best, I could string like 2-3 DUs.  Like all things, when you dont practice you dont do it.  I may have to just let coach know I did 10 mins of singles...cuz there was nary a DU in that room. I think I may have gotten 1 or 2. Thats it...again, need to practice these.

Today's workout was good and the second I read it I knew exactly why I was to perform each thing. It is the custom made movements that address my specific weaknesses and how to fix them.  This is the thing you cannot get from a book or have Joe Personal Trainer working at Globo Gym try to "program" for you...and I use that term loosely.  I think alot of time, you work out or get some advice from someone, and you do it and dont even know why.  Plus you are probably doing it wrong.  Today I saw 2 sets of teens...probably in High School.  One set of about 4...were doing lateral raises with 5lb plates while standing in a 1/4 squat on a bosu.  Seriously.  WTF are you doing?  Lateral raises on a bosu?  Second group of kids were doing "speed deadlifts" and switching grips in between each one.  Lift, drop the weight, switch grip, lift, drop the weight switch grip etc.  I am called TURTLE because of my rounded back..but these kids were worst than form, just banging the bar.  Then they walked over and proceeded to do dumbbell swings, hinging their back, no hip explosion at all and just asking for back pain.  I just had to do my own thing and let it all happen.

My point is once I received the workout and actually UNDERSTOOD made doing it that much better. I was completely on board and bought into it.  Sometimes I get a workout and I see the basic reasoning and I know why...but I am not on board...I am feeling lazy and make excuses on why I dont need to do this movement.  It is much harder to do a movement when I am not feeling it and dont really see the immediate benefit.

I guess all I am saying is as tough is this WOD was today, I understood everything and why I had to do it, so I did it.

Saturday, July 13, 2013

Saturday 07122013 WOD in the park

Beautiful day in So Cal...definitely a sunny day but actually not too hot but it was pretty warm up.  Nice day to workout in the park for sure!



10 Min AMRAP
12 x walking lunges
12 x push ups
30 x jump ups (*I had to do some step ups in between)

rest 3 mins

10 Min AMRAP
10 x burpees
10 x sit to stands
25 ft run back and forth

rest 3 mins

10 x air squat with 2 sec hold on the bottom
10 x jump squats
10 x straight leg sit ups
20 x mountain climbers

rest 3 mins

Stretch and done!!

Thursday, July 11, 2013

Thursday WOD - 07112013

I headed over to LA Fitness this afternoon. I cancelled my membership and have the last 30 days left on my account.  So why not make the most of it since I have the time now.  I have until July 27.

1000m Row @7 setting = 4:50

Rack Pulls from knees
I need to work on this for my grip strength, back position and overall technique for my deadlift.  I worked up to a max 3 to failure
135lbs x 10 for warm up

315lbs - here is where I changed to an alternating grip

Not bad, pretty happy I was able to get that up and full lockout.  I was supposed to hold the weight for 5-10 seconds to help my grip strength.  I will have to do that next time.

Dumbell Shoulder Press

Warm Up with 2 x 15 Arnold Press @ 25lbs

45lbs x 10
55lbs x 10
65lbs x 8
75lbs x 4

those 75lb dumbbells got heavy quick!

cool down with Lat Pull Downs and Seated Rows
3 x 10 each exercise

stretch a little...probably should of/could of stretched more but I was ready to get out of there...


My Love Letter to Pacific Rim and The Conjuring

I am probably biased a little...ok a lot. For the last 2 months, I had the very fortunate opportunity to consult with the Warner Bros, Advance Digital Team.  While there I was able to work on some AMAZING films off their very large slate.  My first project was the tail end of The Great Gatsby. I was then able to work on The Hangover 3 and The Man of Steel.  I am very proud of the work I was able to contribute to those films....but...the two movies, I was only able to touch for a bit are the 2 that I LOVED THE MOST.  Definitely the best films I have personally seen this year...I know we are only in July so I can say that pretty confidently...I really really really LOVED....  PACIFIC RIM and THE CONJURING


Timing is great as the movie opens tomorrow. I remember stating in a staff meeting that I actually liked Pac Rim MORE than Man of Steel.  People laughed and probably thought I was being crazy. No way...Man of Steel is Man of Steel!  But I stand by my opinion.  This movie speaks to a certain fan and age range. I am NOT a Sci Fi geek or fan. I have never watched BSG or Dr. Who or any of the super fan boy films outside of Star Wars.  But this film right here...was almost custom made for ME. I grew up LOVING Godzilla movies.  My favorite monster/kaiju of all time is Gamera!  The flying turtle that breaths fire and can fly by spinning turbo flames out of his arm/feet holes!  He is a saber tooth space turtle that is a hero to kids! Come on!  I also loved King Ghidora the 3 headed dragon that Godzilla had to fight.  I remember watching these movies as a kid and drawing pictures and just loving how these monsters were fighting.  Even as an adult, I know there is a little Japanese man inside that costume, I still loved it.  Same time..came the robots.  I rushed home from school everyday to watch ROBOTECH...and VOLTRON   All those super cool old school Japanese cartoons like SPACESHIP YAMATO and even G FORCE aka Gatchaman...all spoke to a kid like me.  Plus..who could forget Johnny Sakko and his GIANT ROBOT...that thing had a king tut head dress on!

This is Guillermo's ode to his own fan boy loves. I appreciate it. Giant monsters with specific abilities and powers.  Human made robots with special features too and they fight and mankind's hope is if we can defeat and destroy not only the monsters but the doorway that they keep coming through we will survive!  I saw the film at a screening on the WB lot but I would recco this to be seen on as big a screen as your pocketbook can afford.  Early word says the 3D is also great, but I was never a fan of 3D movies but I can say this movie needs to be seen BIG..and LOUD.  The WB screening room had it in full digital and the sound was TURNT UP baby and it rocked me.  The characters and side stories are all great and not even distracting.  Usually, they just put some weird love story and some other typical elements into a film just to make the script complete. I pretty much didn't care. I just wanted to see the robots kick ass.  The movie was pure fun..and I bought into it.  That is another thing Pacific Rim does..and I have to agree 100% with's review of the movie.  As soon as the movie starts they explain what has been happening to get you caught up.  Once you are caught BELIEVE buy into it.  Once you see that this "new world" where we are threatened by monsters is REAL...everything that comes with it is awesome.  See this movie..and see it BIG and LOUD and just enjoy it.  Popcorn and soda at your side is optional!!!


Sadly, I was unable to get to work deep on this film.  I had my own personal reasons to LOVE this film.  #1 the director James Wan is a Malaysian CHINESE director.  I always try to support my Asian peeps in Hollywood.  Wan made his mark as one of the OG "Splat Pack" with his early films SAW and INSIDIOUS etc.  But this movie...could be his crown achievement so far.  Please note, he also completed INSIDIOUS 2 and is set to direct FAST and FURIOUS 7.  So bravo to my brother...doing thangs and getting us Asian peeps some props in Hollywood!

Last night as one of my last perks of working on the film, I was able to attend a midnight screening of the film at the Regal Theaters in LA LIVE.  I got VIP seating and got to see it in a FULL theater with mostly young kids which worked out just great as we wanted lots of tweets and buzz and posts and check ins last night.  I think it worked as I could see phones and people clicking around all through the theater.  They also gave away a "Demon Protection Kit."  I was in those planning meetings and knew exactly what was inside.  A bottle of holy water, a rosary and a prayer card.  Very appropriate and makes for even more of a scare.

I am probably going to repeat myself to any friends that have seen my recent posts...but this movie delivers on the hype.  The fact is this..and I feel like a broken record saying it.  This movie got an R rating...with ZERO boobs or sex, no chainsaws or decapitated body parts, no gore or gross out moments.  It has a few BOOM scares but Wan does them expertly..where I was actually sitting in the seat WAITING for it..and STILL GOT SCARED.  The greatness of the film is you expect it..then you see it..and then you are still freaked out.  How can anyone pull that off?  Wan does.  Plus being that all of this "actually" happened makes it all the better.  I like a good scary movie..and truth is there hasnt been many of those.  Plus one that has an R rating...and delivers?  Come on...I would highly recommend this movie as well...and to any one curious about it...def go see it.  It is not a slasher film and it is not a typical "possession" film like all the rest they keep churning out.

I loved these two films..and urge all 8 of my readers to go see it and tell a friend! =)

Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Monday 07082013 WOD - back at the Rosebowl

Since the highschool is renovating their track...looks like the rest of the summer we will be at the Rose Bowl.

One thing...I am not sure if people know just how big the park and area around the Rosebowl is and has to offer.  I have lived in the area for pretty much my whole life and been to the Rosebowl many times.  But...there is so much area that people can hike, walk or play or workout etc all around the bowl.  People probably should take a longer walk, run, drive around and really see what else is out there.

We meet in front of the KID SPACE MUSEUM sign and basically use the whole rear park area. is what we did.

Long jog
Stretch and mobility

Hill sprint
Jumps/step ups
50 x bench dips or push up *any combination, broken up anyway
rest as needed
2 rounds completed....*last set coach had me do push up variables instead of bench dips.  Wide push ups, close grip/diamond push ups and normal push ups. 15/15/20

20 x pull ups
any combination and rest as needed

Stretch and done

Last note about this workout. Since we were able to use the whole park the run and hill sprint presented some extra challenges.  It was up, dirt and uneven.  I think that was a great part of this workout.  Running/jogging on uneven surfaces.  Made you work a little harder for balance and least for me.  Running up a dirt, rocky, uneven hill was very cool and different and running around the different elevated grassy hills was cool too.  Just something different!

Sunday, July 7, 2013

Friday 07052013 and Saturday 07062013 Workouts

Got real busy with errands and attending a dual wedding on Saturday so I was unable to post the previous workouts...but here ya go!

FRIDAY - 07052013
Because of the long holiday weekend the usual class on Friday happened at the PSC gym, therefore I was able to attend this one!

run around the block
3x - various stretches and mobility movements

2 Minutes at each station - partner workout 2 people per station
- Rope Climb/Rings
*no I cannot climb a rope...we just practiced some technique and tried to hold and pull ourselves up a couple was NOT easy.
Toes to rings I can kind of do...not alot but I can do like 3 of them....

- 20lb med ball throws ala wall ball style

- Airdyne sprints
*seriously...have any of you reading this been on one of these?  Only the DEVIL would create something so evil and pure pain. I swear 1 minute on the airdyne can kill you.  It is so hard, and sucks the life out of you!  I hate this...hate it hate it hate it.  Give me a Concept 2 rower any day.  UGH!

- KB swing x 10 switch and the KB swing into a goblet squat @ 53lb KB

- 2ft broad jump

2 x around

stretch and mobility...DONE.

SATURDAY - 07062013
Gorgeous usual morning at the park!


These are fun...

Bear Crawls 50 ft back and forth
15 sit ups
Bear Crawls back and forth
20 sit ups
Bear Crawels back and forth
25 sit ups

60ft Walking Lunges
Jog remaining 50ft
15 x bench dips
15 x step ups/jump
Jog back to start
10 x sit to stands aka deck squats

Rest between 30 sec - 1 min and repeat

I was able to complete 3 rounds

Cool down lap - jog

Stretch and Mobility DONE!

Thursday, July 4, 2013

July 4th 2013 WOD

Went in for a quick workout to celebrate the 4th!  Gorgeous day, a tad warm...well ok a lot warm.  It was HOT...

Run around the block

10 minutes AMRAP at each
Back Squat

Tire Flip

200m Sprint + walk/jog back

Sled Push @135lbs

* we used this exact model sled by Rogue...but we only used 3 plates since we are not hardcore like Matt Chan in the pic.

Stretch and mobility