Sunday, June 23, 2013

Sunday Funday WOD - 06232013

This weekend we moved the Saturday AM class to Sunday as coach was attending an OPT seminar in HB. Worked out great as this morning's weather was perfect. Cool overcast and it was perfect for a good workout.

Here are the deets:


50 yard run + 15 air squats

50 yard back + 10 pop ups
*this is the only pic I could find that can somewhat represent what we do called a "pop up" essentially it is similar to a no push up burpee. You come down normally and get into a seal stretch like in the pic and then pop your hips up and bring your feet back under to stand. You can jump or not, as long as you are standing with hips open and erect.

2 rounds of the above

Additional stretch as needed

Run short loop
30 x walking lunges (15 per leg)

20 x hand release push ups

30 x single leg lunges (15 per leg)

2 rounds of the above

Plank holds (push up and standard)
Side Plank (right and left)
Superman hold
*or as I like to call it the MAN OF STEEL hold! go WB!  =)

Stretch and mobility


Great way to start a Sunday morning!

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