Sunday, June 9, 2013

Sunday 06092013 - WOD

The key words are Mobility and Technique kids!

Went to PS&C this afternoon continue the new focused approached to my goals etc.  If you did not catch my long ass post on what I am hoping to do see below, my posts below should explain.

Concentrate on usual - HAMSTRINGS
Today I went with Front Rack stretch and Shoulders since I worked my squat last week.  I figure that will be the rotation. One session getting to squat depth and one session working on shoulder rotation and pecs to get to front rack.  Both of these require lots and lots of stretching....over and over and over. I am seeing/feeling a little progress so...just gotta keep going.

Jumprope - 10 mins

Row 1500 meters - slow and steady and I set my damper at 7.5 today to see how I would do. Not bad, it felt good.

More stretching....again using bands for shoulder rotation, pull my chest open and pull on hamstrings.


Warm up - bar only x 10 overhead press
Snatch Grip presses x 5

*and a pic of Camille for no reason... =)

WOD - Power Snatch Progression
get bar behind neck, get into snatch grip
3 x push press
keep bar over head on 3rd press
3 x overhead squats, 1/4 down ONLY
3 x power snatch

here are the loads...
Bar / 65lbs / 75lbs / 95lbs (2 sets)


95lbs is literally the girls weight probably not even that some girls starting weights are 135.  So putting your ego aside is definitely a hurdle. I have snatched 135 before but it was NOT PRETTY. As my new focus is to do these movements correctly...I suspect I will be at 95lbs for a bit longer.  Who knows how long until:

A. it begins to feel light enough where I am no longer stressing
1a - my grip. My grip was fatigued doing those snatches even at 95lbs
2a - shoulder position
3a - core strength

B. when coach thinks I can go up in weight safely and be able to do the movement "effortlessly"  sheeesh..we shall see.

Tomorrow is bootcamp at the High School!  Then I can rest for a couple days...I am SO SORE from this stretching...again which indicates the bigger problem of being tight and not flexible.  Keep on keeping on right?

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