Saturday, June 1, 2013

Sony Walkman - NWZ-W273

SONY WALKMAN - perfection for workouts!


Somethings you wonder why no one made one before or at least perfected it.  This is seriously the PERFECT personal workout player.

I first saw this as my friend received a free one via Klout, she got the smaller sized one, but I wanted to wait for this one..the 4gb sized one.  Everything else is the same but just more capacity.  I tried it today for my workout and LOVED IT.

OK...4gb. More then enough for a workout. I think I loaded about 50-60 songs and it is not even half full. I seriously think you will not run out of music in a 2 hour workout...and why are you working out for 2 hours anyways?  But for runners..unless you are running a full marathon or more I doubt you will run out of music. I loaded my music and set it to shuffle and forget about it.

Sony Sports Walkman

Sony Sports Walkman

You charge it and load your music via this USB cradle. It has a fast charge so if you need a quick boost, something like 15 min will give you an hour or more of playback.  Full charge is at 1.5 hours I think. The drag and drop is also really great and easy.  No special clutter programs etc.

all functions everything is self contained in the actual headset...

Sony Sports Walkman

Sony Sports Walkman

Sony Sports Walkman

The headphones are light enough and are pretty comfy with actually pretty good sound. As with any in ear headphones you need to find the right fit. I switched mine out to the next smaller size and now they are snug and do a great job at passive noise cancelling.

oh one more thing...did I mention..

yes, you can actually go swimming with these on...of course I dont even know how to swim, so for me its a sweat thing. You can sweat all over these bad boys and they will be just fine.

Sony Sports Walkman

These are seriously great.  Forget wires or plugging into your phone or whatever.  These sport headphones are seriously the best SOLUTION for those that are active, working out or runners or bikers that HATE cables or wires or even using a bluetooth that has to connect with something right?  These are so perfect because they are self contained.  If you are looking for new workout headphones, consider these...I LOVE THEM.

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