Saturday, June 29, 2013

Saturday 06292013 Double WOD

Can I start this post off by saying hot gosh darn HOT it was?  Man...LA is starting to feel like summer.Even at 9AM it was already around 80 degrees.  DANG!

Only a few brave souls showed up at the park this morning...4 to be exact.  Most were out of town and others just wanted to stay cool I guess.

Here is what we did...did I mention it was HOT?

Run around park

Stretch and mobility

10 yard broad jumps
Walking lunges back
Run 50 yards and back
3 x above

Jump up and SLOW step down.

*concentrating on driving that heel and slowly letting yourself down off the bench
5 x each leg

15 x bench dips
3 x of the above

Short lap
15 x burpees

15 x jump squats
2 min rest
repeat =  3xs

Stretch and DONE!!!
Oh was HOT out case you forgot!


After a couple hours of rest, eating some eggs and turkey sausage and some green plant juice, I headed back to the coach's place for some stretch and tech.  Seems the last 3 weeks of nothing but stretching and working on mobility and stretching, doing NOTHING ELSE weight showing some progress.

Single leg banded hamstring stretch 2 min each leg x 2
run 200 meters

stretch with bands
hip flexor x 2 min each x 2
ankles x 2 min each x 2

Front Rack Test - 55lbs on women's bar (35lbs)

Banded wrist stretch - 1 min each x 2

Foam Roller across shoulders hip stretch....dont even know what to call this, but it worked. Laying flat on your back with a roller across your shoulder blades, hands over your head holding on to something, you basically force your stomach down on the floor and hold. It HURT...but it got my shoulders to rotate enough to actually lift some weight this afternoon.

Front Rack + 2 press + 2 push press

For the first time EVER, I got into the best position I have ever done. Again, far from perfect of good, but for me it was a nice little jump. The bar was able to rest across my shoulders and it felt very secure and pressure was off my wrists FOR ONCE.

Deadlift Technique
125lbs x 3
4 x of the above

*concentrate on form and technique the whole time. Since the weight was so light I could really focus on pulling correctly. Building force from the heels and hips and driving up, pulling the weight with as straight a back as possible.  It was not perfect by a stretch but a lot better, it felt better.

I need to concentrate and really really focus on what I am doing. I need to get right to the bar lower my hips way before I even bend at the knees.  Tension in the hams the whole way through...good stuff today as it felt good and the next time I deadlift, I know what I need to get into, position wise.

End with additional Hamstring stretch 2 min a leg.


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