Saturday, June 15, 2013

Saturday 06152013 WOD - big toe problems

Been a long week...unable to workout due to work obligations and meetings really affected the training this week.

So what happens last night? My right foot begins to tingle.  But this time it is my big toe joint, ball of my foot. WEIRD.  It was bad enough to make me limp a little but not the USUAL...achilles or heel pain.  Ugh...chronic pain...multi joint....inflammation...pretty crappy.

I tried my best, here is what I did:

stretch and run today.

50 yard run back and forth
15 air squats
50 yard run back and forth
15 push ups
3 rounds of the above

100 yard run
back and forth
15 x each leg reverse lunges
*I can only do one leg...the other leg was limpy and it was not even a real lunge.
50 x crunches *table top position

3 rounds of the above

30 x alternating single arm kettle bell swings @44lbs

30 x hand release push ups
3 rounds of the above

Stretch and DONE!!

after class, I headed straight to Trader Joes and grabbed...some 100% Cherry Juice, some Omega 3 essential fats for my inflammation.  I took about 1200mg of Aleve and iced my foot.  Going to continue drinking the cherry juice for the rest of the afternoon and rest my foot.  I want to go in for a stretch/mobility session tomorrow so I need to be healed up.  I want to at least be able to row on the rower as well as just doing my various band I need my foot to be able to bend correctly.  We shall see.  Fingers crossed!


Anonymous said...

Good blog keep up the good work. Can you post some of your before and after pictures. Thanks

Irving Der said...

Thanks!I dont really have any pics of before and weight fluctuated is now nothing to show really. I look skinnier in some pics when I was heavier and vice versa. But I really appreciate the read! THANK YOU!