Saturday, June 1, 2013



Back when I was a young PR buck working my ass off in thee boutique agency in LA..yeah DVAPR forevah!

So while doing my PR thing I had the pleasure to work with another young hungry PR professional.  Seth P. Seth and I worked together for a couple years but things happened such as life and he split and moved to Phoenix, Arizona.

We kept in touch here and there, facebook and the like...and he took the knowledge he learned and started doing his own little hustle.  Working in media and promotions, marketing and even creating original swag/content.


He recently launched a few new items...

Just call me THREE CHAINS!!!

and the packaging is on point...came in a nice box and pouch...

He is also working with BOBBY FRESH on a sick collabo...literally fresh of the press:

I like the grey one..

I wish my boy all the luck in the world.  Make this a success and take over the world brother! I can say I knew you when kid...

I will wear my shirts and chains proudly! If any one needs some marketing or PR, promo work with a street savvy start up hollah at my boy!!!

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