Saturday, May 4, 2013

Saturday at the Park 05042013 WOD

This morning coach was competing at an event in Northridge.  He posted the workout for those that wanted to still come out and do our thing. I was sort of the unofficial organizer of the morning....which worked out as my foot is still bugging me so I was unable to run or lunge effectively or efficiently for that matter.  So it worked great as I was able to keep time and encourage folks and get a little sweat in for myself.

Here is the work out as RXed...I had to scale back on the lunges as well as not run at all.

Warm-up: Run 5-6 min + dynamic stretching and mobilization + 10 lunges, 10 jumping lunges, 10 snap-ups x 4

Part 1:
Every minute on the minute for 10 minutes
5 burpees
10 situps
15 squats

Part 2 (w/partner)
Partner 1: 1 gasser (lightpost and back, tree and back @100%) approx 50 ft and 100ft.
Partner 2: hold any type of plank including side planks
Switch and continue until each partner has done 5 gassers

Part 3 (if time allows):
2 long laps for time at 100% effort

Great morning in the park!

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