Saturday, May 11, 2013

Saturday 05112013 WOD

Another beautiful day in So Cal,

Hit the park and got moving and sweating.  My foot was acting up again as the night before I did some serious stretching and rolling to it.  The treatment is old school, you slightly "damage" the effected area so that your body will rebuild it and heal it.  I am essentially forcing inflammation to happen to my achilles and heel so it will repair itself.  My achilles tendon is most definitely weak (think Kobe Byrant) from having bad feet, being heavy and bad movement mechanics.  This seems to be one of my WEAKEST shoulders are bad too. I stretch my achilles out last night to the tip of pain and keep it that way for a few cycles.  Really stretching it and hoping in the next few days my body will rebuild and heal the tendons etc.

Every night I roll, stretch..and apparently need to ice as well.  *Coach yelled at me today that I did only 2 out of the 3

This morning I was not at is what we did!

Warm Up jog/walk - shorter run to the bathroom to pee!

Partner Workout - 53# KB
60 x KBS (10/10/10 each)
Run lap
60 x goblet squats (15/15)
Run Lap
60 x shoulder to shoulder press

10 x 100 yard sprints
60 x presses
40 x burpees
40 x squats
100 x KBS
20 x hand release push ups *each partner has to do these
The above can be divided however you and your partner like. I did not do any burpees and only ran 3 sprints. Everything else was fairly split.

stretch and DONE!

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