Friday, May 17, 2013

Quick Lifting Session - 05162013

Went in for a quick lifting session last night.  Deadlift, Over Head Squat and some conditioning.

Warm up
1200M Row

Stretch and Mobility

Deadlifts - *strive for perfect form or cannot go up in weight
135 x 5 = 2 sets warm up

4 x heavy singles
315lbs x 2
I had to do this weight a second time. I was able to get it but it was a little sloppy.  Hips too low and it was awkward, so repeated the weight for a better lift.
I got this up but my grip was slipping. Next time I will use alternating grip for sure.  Anything above 300lbs I will need to use alternating grip.

Overhead Squats - triples, again using perfect form and to it was hard.
bar only 45lbs
75lbs - that is all I could go...

For Time
250m Row
20 x Kettlebell swings @ 53lbs
25 x no jump burpees
20 x Kettlebell swings @ 53lbs
250m Row

Coach wanted this done in 5 mins...I did it in 8:45.  Bleh....the burpees kill me, I take way too long to get those done.

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