Friday, April 19, 2013

Tire Flipping Fun WOD - 04192013

Friday WOD at PSC HQ.

I was able to make this one was a good time. A very difficult WOD as we did different things than usual and it was a very different fatigue.  One I have not felt in a while.  Good times for sure.

Long run around the block
Stretch and mobilty

2 min drills w a partner (1 min each of work) = 2 rounds

  • Sled Push approx 200meters w 90lbs back and forth
  • Airdyne cycle sprints
  • Wall balls - 1st w 14lb  and 2nd w 20lb ball
  • Toes to Rings - I was able to bang out a few un broken. Lost count..I know I was able to get like 4-5 first time and the second I was able to get 3 and. I was doing singles and halfs after.
  • Tire Flip - my partner and I did 4x flips, switch and 2x flips to finish the 2 minutes.
Check out my cool tire flip....

good rest for tomorrow's boot camp.

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