Saturday, April 13, 2013

Saturday WOD part 2 - 04132013

Came in to do my second workout of the day.  Lifting session again working on TECHNIQUE TECHNIQUE TECHNIQUE!!!

It was a tough one...sheeesh, my hands, fingers, wrists are all sore...some shoulders too.  Here is what went down this afternoon.

2K Row
This is meant to be an aerobic warm up so slow and steady pace.  I kept going to fast and was told a couple time to slow it down and keep the assigned pace. @230 which is a sub 10 min 2k very easy.

10 x wall ball @14lbs x 3

10 x kettlebell swings =  53lbs/70lbs/88lbs

Front Rack Mobility - this is PAINFUL...I am so NOT flexible in the front rack. It really feels like I am breaking my own arm or wrists...but gotta keep on it.

I basically CANNOT do this... =(  Waaahh..

bunch of youtube videos to help...

A. Front Squat 2 x 5 (rest as needed up to 2 mins)

*also used the women's bar @ 35lbs
This was really bad. I couldn't get in the correct position...I definitely need to keep practicing this...ALOT.
85lbs - bad...I had to 2 singles with this weight.
65lbs had to drop back down to 65lbs to finish the set.

again, obviously the weight is not the issue is my form and technique of which I do not have.  So forcing my wrist and elbows and fingers into that front rack...was KILLING ME!!!

B. Power Clean + Push Jerk = 1 x 7

*switched back to the olympic bar @ 45lbs

Work on my singles all the way up...
155lbs - FAIL first try, Got is in the second..but I am sure it was UGLY.
165lbs  - YAY! Possibly a PR?
175lbs - FAIL...could not clean this...tried 2xs FAIL FAIL FAIL!!!!

I had to add these video..check out the GIRL lifters over at Catalyst...I am humbled and my manhood has been crushed...they are doing the exact same movement I am...look at the form and the weight they are lifting.  I suck...

C. 12 Minutes EMOM (every minute on the minute)
Odds - max pull ups


Evens - 5 x GHD Raises


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