Saturday, April 13, 2013

Saturday AM WOD - 04132013

Being GREEN and getting all warmed up this morning for bootcamp!

I actually rode my 24" BMX Cruiser to class this morning!  Now I understand it is not that far..less than 3 miles, maybe less than 2?  Took me 20 mins with traffic and various stops along the way. Not too shabby. I may make this more of a regular felt good and definitely warms up the legs and lungs for the workout ahead.

Warm Up
Jog around the park
Stretch and mobility

This morning was a pretty simple WOD.  Coach wanted some aerobic work so we just had a bunch of things to do AMRAP...

Long Run

30 x Mountain Climbers (60 total)

30 x single leg squats (15 x each leg - we can use "pistol style" or elevated leg behind)

30 x jump ups

100 x flutter kicks

I was able to get through 3 rounds minus the flutter kicks.

stretch and DONE!!!

Pretty simple right?

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