Monday, April 1, 2013

Run Fat Boy Run - 04012013 WOD

Great workout today at the ol local high school track.  Let's get into it...

Warm up jog 1x around the track
Stretching and mobility

15 yards
- high knees
- butt kicks
- 2ft jumps
- walking lunges
- inch worm

1 mile run (4 x around the track)
* this was a run for everyone to push it and try to get the best time.  My instructions were VERY specific. I HAD TO KEEP MOVING. NO WALKING.  Coach was not concerned with time...he just wanted me to jog the whole way.

I did it...I ran a sub 12 minute mile.  I know slow...but for someone like me that does not run, I am kinda happy with the time.

After the run....

60 x burpees

*key here was to pick a pace and stick to it.  So if you wanted to do 3 x 20 or 6 x 10 need to stick to it. This is more a pacing exercise and learning to control your breathing and knowing your pace.

football field = walking lunges  BACK & FORTH

50 x sit ups
*same as burpees, no time, just pick a pace and stick with it

Stretch and mobility concentrate on quads, hips and hamstrings


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