Monday, April 29, 2013

Monday WOD 04292013 - High School Track Days

Went to the local high school for the usual Monday Romp!

Heel and Achilles are still tender and inflamed a bit...but I gave it my best!

Jog around the track 600 meters


High knee skips/deep lunge stretches/walk out push ups w various lengths.

200 meter run
50 x sit ups
50 x supermans
50 x jump rope style jumps *rest of group did squat jumps for speed
3 x of the above

8 Minute Time Cap
3 x "gasser" suicide runs - 25 yards/50 yards/100 yards
50 x hand release push ups
100 x walking lunges * unable to finish in time alotted   - BOOO!!!

Stretch and Mobility

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